These Videos Of Celebs Speaking Foreign Languages Will Make You Swoon

There’s something about accents that always gets us, but fluently (or sparsely, let’s be honest) speak a foreign language and it’s game over—we’re putty in your hands. It turns out that there’s a crop of celebrities who are not only preternaturally talented and good-looking, but appear to also be unexpectedly versed in Italian, French and the like. Sometimes, life just isn’t fair. Ahead, the A-listers whose linguistic skills put the rest of us to shame.

Aleks Kocev/BFA.com

Leonardo DiCaprio

Click here to watch America's heartthrob speaking Italian to the Pope. We agree with Cosmopolitan—it is, indeed, everything.


Bradley Cooper

Here, Bradley Cooper speaks fluent French for 20 minutes straight. You're welcome.

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Mila Kunis

Here, Mila Kunis defends Justin Timberlake's honor, in Russian, at a press conference for their movie Friends With Benefits. Just when you thought she couldn't get more badass...

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Charlize Theron

South African beauty Charlize Theron shows off her Afrikaans skills in this interview with Piers Morgan.

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Gwyneth Paltrow

While promoting Ironman, Gwyneth Paltrow spoke to a reporter in perfect Spanish. Yes, really. Watch it here.