Boredom-Curing Games To Play With Your Family

Once the turkey coma has set in, it can be tempting to zone out in your favorite elastic-waistband pants and scroll through Instagram until your brain shuts down into a state of blissful nothingness; however, we’d argue that the holidays present a rare opportunity to spend quality time with your friends and loved ones, and it should not be squandered on social media. Here, eight party games that are actually fun, so you can put your phone down and make some (non-recorded memories) for once.

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Ditch Your Phone For These 8 Party Games

This murder mystery-esque game is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. You can find in-depth instructions for playing here.

This game is always fun, if not-so-safe for all audiences. If you don't feel like braving Target lines to buy a box of cards, you can always make your own.

This game is like truth or dare, with a Mariah Carey-specific twist. Each person takes turns finishing the sentence "All I Want For Christmas Is..." with either a dare or a request for truth. (For example, "All I want for Christmas is for Uncle Ned to do the worm." The person who has been "dared" must either deliver on the dare or take a shot.

Family History Charades

This writer's mother screamed bloody murder one year when she opened a gift box containing a fur coat, thinking it was a live animal, and we still make fun of her it. Anecdotes like these make for the perfect material in a game of "family history charades," in which you and your relatives act out memorable moments from the past.

Catch up with family members you see infrequently by playing a classic game of two truths and a lie, in which your relatives will be asked to guess which of the three things you tell them about your life is a falsehood.

Drink every time someone fat-shames Natalie, you're creeped by any of the male characters, Colin Firth wears a sweater, "Christmas Is All Around Me" plays or you get emotional even though you know this movie is kinda the worst.

This game can be pretty hilarious, particularly if you are not-so-blessed with drawing skills. Full instructions are found here.

If you don't like your family, might we suggest you still shun your phone in favor of playing this amazing drinking game by yourself?