The Newest App-Based Dating Trend Is Hilarious

If you’ve ever gotten stuck at the airport waiting for a delayed flight, you may be familiar with how easy it is to make new friends over a beer (or four) at the terminal’s nearest bar. A slew of new dating apps are hoping to capitalize on this phenomenon by helping you hook up with someone who is also on your flight, on a flight departing around the same time as yours, or who frequents the same mileage lounge you favor. Btrfly will connect you based on your flight details to those at nearby gates or who may be headed to the same destination as you around the same time. AirDates, meanwhile, gets a bit more specific by hooking you up with those who are actually on your flight in order to make a potential in-air love connection. Finally, Lounger connects you with others in your airline lounge of choice—which might be handy since you’re probably going to run into them on more than one occasion (though we can think of few places more sterile in which to find love). With the help of these apps, you’ll be primed for a super-cute how-we-met story, which you can later try to pass off as pure fate. (Until the divorce, at which point you will definitely blame online dating for causing you to have airport blinders). Happy trails!