Reem Acra’s Guide To Visiting Turkey

by The Zoe Report

Heading to Turkey for a restful break? Make sure to check out the Muğla province, which boasts stunning beaches and twelve idyllic islands. Reem Acra recently visited the beautiful locale and shared a few snaps and tips for getting the most out of the experience. Whether you’re looking to relax in an oceanfront gazebo, browse local markets, bike or hike, Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is guaranteed to deliver.

Go Turkey

Göcek, Turkey

"You will find an array of amazing colors and patterns in Göcek. The color combinations are so joyful and fun. Make sure to bring a camera."

Göcek, Turkey

"Rent a bike and ride along the shore to cover a lot of ground and take in the sights."

Dalaman, Turkey

"Local bazaars are the perfect setting for spending an afternoon getting lost in the clothing, jewelry and furniture for sale. This one in Dalaman is the place to find gifts for friends and family, as well as a good spot to pick up interesting knickknacks for the home."

Dalaman, Turkey

"You'll find color inspiration everywhere you look! The intricate stitching and embellished add-ons are endless (as seen on this shirt)."

Dalaman, Turkey

"Look for unique trinkets like these delicate boxes that depict everything from classic works of art to local architecture."

Dalaman, Turkey

"The prints, colors and relaxed shapes of the local clothing are irresistible."

Dalaman, Turkey

"Take a quick break from shopping for a bite at an alfresco restaurant to enjoy the Mediterranean breeze."

Dalaman, Turkey

"Don't miss the opportunity to check out the spice market—it is a true feast for all of the senses."

Fethiye, Turkey

"Make the time to turn off, you're on vacation after all. These oceanfront gazebos in Fethiye should do the trick."

Packing Essentials

"Bring a neutral colored frame that will go with everything in your suitcase."

"A statement swimsuit is essential. Clover Canyon offers classic shapes with subtle detailing."

Walking Shoes

"For sightseeing opt for a sneaker. These are comfortable but fun, and have a lot of bling!"


"For jotting down notes and thoughts, bring a sleek journal on your travels."

Rosae Cashmere & Silk Soffio

"A silk cashmere scarf in a bright color is perfect for cool nights or air-conditioned plane rides."