PSA: There’s An Incredible Selection Of Fur Coats On Sale Right Now

The perfect mid-winter treat.

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Although shelves at stores are starting to scream “Spring!,” the weather is still telling a very different story. It seems each day is getting a bit chillier, with icy temps keeping winter wardrobes intact for the foreseeable future. The good news? This means you are completely justified in stocking up on cozy fur coats, especially since many of them are now on sale at very reasonable prices.

As you know from the steady stream of imagery featuring celebs like Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, and Hailey Bieber frolicking in Aspen and other snowy locales, plush toppers are all the rage right now. And because fur coats are a timeless winter essential, investing in one now is not only an appropriate decision, it’s a smart one. Artur Kulakovsky, founder and creative director of Ukrainian fashion label KULAKOVSKY, says while anytime of year is a fine one to shop for the staple, end of season and warmer months are ideal because of pricing. Also, it allows you more time to weigh your options and consider your choices, as there are many in the category.

“When considering a fur coat as an investment, you need to understand that this piece will be in your wardrobe for years, and of course you need to take some extra time to find a fit that works best on you, learn about different materials, and perhaps source vintage furs and bring them to the tailor to create your own one of a kind piece,” Kulakovsky says. He also notes that trending silhouettes of the season include maxi oversized straight-cut coats, belted styles with body-hugging fits, and short options with rounded collars.


That said, when shopping for a fur coat, Kulakovsky states there are a few things to keep in mind. First, of course, is the quality of the material. “For example, if it is over dried then your fur coat will shed like crazy,” he says. “You can check it by lightly pinching the fur or shaking the coat and see how many hairs fell out.” The same caution goes for coloring. “We don’t want our coats to leave stains once wet, do we?,” Kulakovsky continues. “To check it, take a white napkin and gently rub the coat. If there is no residue of paint left, then you are good to go.”

If you’re ready to strike while the iron is hot — er, discounted — shop these fur coats to stay cozy and on-trend for these final weeks of winter.

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