Last-Minute Ways To Fake A Christmas Tree

by Stephanie Montes

Whether you are an undeniable procrastinator or you’re just now realizing that you actually do want a Christmas tree, getting one this late in the game seems unrealistic for 2 reasons. 1. The only ones left have probably seen better days and 2. you’re going to have to take it down in less than a week anyway. Here, we’re showing you 6 ways to fake the traditional Christmas tree—most with items you probably already have around the house.


Rearrange Your Shelves

Strategically hang your shelves from shortest to longest and decorate them with festive fillers.


Draw It With Chalk

We're big fans of the chalkboard wall. If you are too, chances are you already have one in your home. Draw your ideal tree and celebrate the season without having to spend a dime.


Hang Your Trinkets

Create a festive focal point by hanging all your favorite trinkets in the shape of a Christmas tree.


Show Off Your Carpentry Skills

Build a modern tree out of scrap wood planks and decorate it with faux candles and beautiful glass ornaments. Trust us, you won't miss the real thing (or the mess it leaves behind).


Empty Your Bookshelf

Give your bookshelf a rest and stack your favorite novels in the shape of a tree. Wrap it with lights and place a star on top. How's that for smart?


Give Your Teepee A Festive Facelift

Yes, teepees are cool and yes, you should have one in your house. If you already do, remove the cover and wrap a garland around the base.