Here’s Exactly What To Gift Your Friend Who’s Still Baking Banana Bread

Trust us — they’ll be thrilled.

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We all know someone who was affected by the banana bread craze of 2020. It was hard to resist, after all: Stuck at home with little to do and a stockpile of produce quickly going bad, it only made sense to engage in a baking frenzy. For most people, this only lasted a few weeks; once the initial shock of a new socially distant regimen started to fade, they settled into a more normal routine that didn’t include several hours of stirring, mashing, and measuring per day. But for others, this hobby stuck — a new zeal for baking was born, and they’ve been in love ever since. Now, all they want for the holidays is a baking-related kitchen gift to further their banana bread passion — or whatever other baked good they’ve moved on to. And fortunately, TZR has rounded up a few to help you out.

The key here? Getting creative. By this point, it’s likely your banana bread-making friend has most, if not all of the essentials they need to bake up a storm. However, they may not already own an aesthetically pleasing set of pans they’d be proud to bring to a party, a fancy tool to help them remove hard-to-grasp things out of the oven, or a chocolate date tahini spread to slather on their loaves. Rather than crowding their kitchen with duplicates, you’ll want to give them something that’ll make their endeavors easier and more fun. Ahead, 15 ideas that’ll warm their hearts and their ovens — guaranteed.

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