If You're An Aspiring Minimalist, These 40 Organization Products On Amazon Are Life-Changing

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by Julia O'Donnell
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A Set Of Clear Containers And Soft, Collapsible Boxes To Divide Up Drawers On Amazon

When it comes to creating a minimalist home, what you don’t see is as important as what you do; without the usual distractions, any remaining clutter will stick out like a sore thumb. While it’s easy to admire Kim Kardashian's minimalist palace from afar, in the real world, most of us need to keep some products in our bathrooms. However, don’t let that fact discourage you: after all, if Marie Kondo taught us anything, it’s that tidying up happens one step at a time — which is why, if you’re an aspiring minimalist, these 40 organizational products on Amazon can be truly life-changing.

Of course, you don’t have to be partial to a minimalist aesthetic in order to appreciate these finds. In fact, organization is key to nailing any style of decor, regardless of where you stand on the minimalist-maximalist spectrum. Thoughtful storage solutions make it easy to maintain an organized home, whether that means conquering your messy makeup collection or finding efficient ways to utilize your kitchen cabinets. Getting organized also gives you less to deal with on a day-to-day basis, and, since you'll actually know what you have, you won’t accidentally buy the same products over and over again.

So go ahead, no more excuses — once you see how easy organization can be, you’ll find yourself wondering why you didn’t tackle it sooner.


A Set Of Versatile Drawer Dividers That Are Fully Adjustable

Before tackling a messy, overflowing desk drawer or makeup collection, invest in these adjustable drawer dividers. Each set includes two large and two medium dividers, which are fully customizable: they can be adjusted to fit drawers of various sizes, or to adjust the compartment sizes to best suit your needs.


A Heat-Proof Organizing Station For Your Hair-Styling Tools

This hair styling station compactly store up to three hair tools at once, neatly condensing the wires in a discreet back compartment. It's made of heat-safe silicone and metal mesh, meaning you won't need to let your tools cool down before putting them away. Plus, it can even be hung over a towel bar to save counter space.


A Rotating Turntable With So Many Possible Uses

There are so many ways this Lazy Susan-style turntable can come in handy, you'll likely end up buying one for every room in the house. It's made of BPA-free, shatterproof plastic, and can be used in the bathroom for your skin care products and toiletries, on your vanity for perfume and makeup, or tucked inside a kitchen cabinet to store spices and other pantry items.


An Efficient Way To Store Your Makeup Compacts

This handy acrylic organizer offers an ingenious solution to keep your makeup compacts accessible and organized. Plus, once all eight of its slots are full, it'll remind you to stop buying more makeup until you've used up what you have. Made of clear, hard acrylic, it's super durable and easy to wipe clean.


A Set Of Airtight Containers To Help Overhaul Your Pantry

Storing groceries in these airtight, stackable storage containers will not only keep your food fresher for longer, but they're also a great way to create an ultra-organized, minimalist feel in your cabinets, pantry, and fridge. Sold in an eight-piece set of various sizes, the containers are made of durable, BPA-free hard plastic, and even come with reusable, chalkboard-style labels.


An Adjustable Organizer For Your Food Storage Container Lids

While reusable food containers look neat when they're being used, you need this lid organizer to keep them organized when they're not. Consisting of a sturdy plastic tray with five adjustable dividers, it can fit lids of various sizes (up to 9 inches wide). "I love, love, love this storage container," wrote one reviewer. "Sounds silly, but it changed my life. No longer do I have storage container jenga!"


A Space-Saving Wine Rack With A Cool Geometric Design

With its unique geometric shape made up of black metal hexagons, the sleek, modern look of this wine bottle rack will perfectly complement a minimalist aesthetic. Made of iron with a powder coating finish, the modular design is resistant to scratching, flaking, and bending, and it’s equipped to hold up to nine bottles at once: seven nooks are sized for standard wine bottles, and two are made to fit oversized bottles like champagne.


An Expandable Drawer Organizer Made Of Solid Bamboo

Made of eco-friendly bamboo, this drawer organizer is both practical and durable — and it's remarkably attractive, too. The width of the organizer can be adjusted to fit almost any kitchen drawer, with either one or both of the compartments at the sides growing wider as it expands. Bamboo is not only naturally antibacterial, but it's also quick-drying and easy to clean.


A Smart Way To Organize A Tangled Mess Of Electrical Cords

Tackle that tangled mess of cords creating an eyesore in your home with this nifty cord management box. Not only will it look much neater, but it'll also protect pets or small children from accidental injuries. Made of electric-safe ABS material, the box is large enough to fit a full-size power strip, plus the excess length of any cords. Choose from four colors.


This Bamboo Knife Block That Fits In Most Drawers

Another gorgeous bamboo organizer for your kitchen, this knife block allows you to safely and neatly store your kitchen knives in a drawer. It'll fit inside the vast majority of standard drawers, and has slots for up to 12 knives, plus a sharpener. Amazon customers are huge fans: based on nearly 3,000 reviews, it has an impressive average rating of 4.8 stars.


A Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer That's Surprisingly Spacious

Despite its relatively compact size, this cosmetics organizer can hold an impressive amount of makeup. Featuring two large, three medium, and six small drawers — plus 16 top compartments for smaller items like lipstick — it's spacious enough to store even a larger collection. Plus, since it's made of clear acrylic, you can easily see what's inside, and it's easy to wipe clean as needed.


These Sliding Drawers To Make The Most Of Your Cabinet Space

Make the most of the storage space in cabinets and shelves with this sliding basket organizer. It's great for toiletries and cosmetics, spices and other grocery items, toys, art, or office supplies... you get the idea. Reviewers say it's super sturdy and durable, and that the baskets slide in and out smoothly.


An Organizer That Transforms Any Drawer Into A Spice Rack

Not only will this spice rack keep your spice collection neat and organized, but it'll ensure that you can actually see what you have, making you less likely to purchase a spice you already own. Made of durable steel in a simple, tiered design, the rack will fit in most standard drawers, and can hold up to 32 standard spice bottles.


A Metal Hanger For Belts, Scarves, Jewelry, & More

Designed to hang over your closet rod like a regular hanger, this metal hanging rack is great for so many things: belts, scarves, handbags, ties, jewelry... you get the idea. Made of smooth, durable steel, it has seven straight hooks on one side, and seven curved hooks on the other.


An Organizer For Your Makeup Sponges That Doubles As A Drying Rack

Another essential makeup organization hack, this clear acrylic makeup sponge holder fits up to nine makeup sponges of various sizes. It's worth buying for its organizational value alone, but it's also a great way to prevent your sponges from getting dirty or musty, since it doubles as a handy drying rack.


This Storage Shelf That Can Be Hung On The Wall Or Over A Door

Wherever you need more storage space — your pantry, perhaps, or a linen closet — this hanging wire rack is the perfect solution. Designed to be hung over a door or on the wall, its eight basket-like shelves are perfect for spices, toiletries, cleaning products, and more. Reviewers say installation is a breeze, and love that the height of the shelves can easily be adjusted.


These Adjustable Bamboo Dividers To Organize Your Drawers

Made of solid bamboo for an attractive, natural look, these drawer dividers are as practical as they are stylish. Since they're adjustable, they can fit in almost any drawer; use them to organize utensils, socks, underwear, linens, or even office supplies. They're designed with a spring mechanism that locks them in place, ensuring they won't slip around inside your drawers.


A Versatile Storage Solution For Shoes, Clothes, & More

A must for anyone living with limited closet space, this in-closet storage solution creates tons of extra space for shoes, socks, underwear, and more. It's designed with a sturdy metal frame with two shelves on top, plus more space on the bottom for two soft, collapsible storage bins. It's also great for toys, or to store hats, gloves, and shoes near your entryway.


A Clear Acrylic Organizer For Your Makeup Palettes

Another clear acrylic organizer to keep your makeup collection neat and accessible, this one holds up to nine palettes of almost any size. It's sturdy, durable, and easy to wipe clean, and can also be used for notebooks, papers, and other office supplies. "The slots are perfectly sized," one reviewer reported. "They are deep enough to accommodate some of my bulkier palettes, but not so large that my smaller palettes are knocking around."


A Set Of Clear Containers That Have So Many Practical Uses

There are so many handy uses for these clear apothecary jars: in your bathroom to hold cotton swabs or floss picks, on your vanity for makeup sponges, or in the kitchen to store candies, nuts, or looseleaf tea, for example. The two-piece set includes one large and one small jar, both made of clear, hard plastic with matching lids.


A Shelf That Can Be Customized So That It Fits Under Your Sink

Put this metal shelf under your sink to store items like cleaning supplies, pet food, and, well, basically anything else there's no other place for. The width of the frame is expandable, and the height of the two shelves can be adjusted, making it easy to customize the size to fit around any pipes and other obstacles under your sink.


This 2-Set Of Jewelry Organizers That Mount On Your Wall

Keep your jewelry collection organized and maximize your surface and drawer space with these sleek hanging jewelry organizers. One organizer features two T-shaped racks for you to hang your necklaces and bracelets; and the racks on the other organizer have 37 holes for you to slot in your earrings. You can store small items on the shelves above, like perfume and other cosmetics. Choose from five finishes to suit your decor, from weathered grey to the rustic-chic white pictured above.


These Soft, Collapsible Boxes To Divide Up Your Drawers

Overhaul your dresser drawers with these drawer dividers. The dividers are sold in a set of six foldable boxes: two large, two medium, and two small. They're perfect for separating various types of clothing — socks, underwear, and bras, for example — and are also great for organizing linens, towels, and so much more.


A Clear Acrylic Organizer For Your Lip & Eye Pencils

Another handy storage solution to keep your vanity tidy, this organizer was made to hold eye pencils and lip liners. Made of clear, easy-to-clean acrylic, it's thoughtfully designed with 20 slots for standard pencils, plus six larger slots for chubby, crayon-style pencils.


This Popular Storage Rack To Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Amazon shoppers can't seem to stop raving about this sturdy cabinet organizer, giving it nearly 2,000 perfect five-star reviews (and counting). Designed to store items like pots, pans, cooking lids, or baking sheets, it can stand either vertically or horizontally, making it easy to use your storage space in the most efficient way possible. Reviewers say it's plenty sturdy on its own, but you can also mount it to the wall using screws.


A Three-Section Organizer For Makeup Brushes, Pens, & More

This three-section organizer is designed to hold your makeup brushes, but it's also great for eyeliner and lip liner, pens and pencils, or even toothpaste and toothbrushes. It's made of clear acrylic, which is far more durable and shatterproof than glass, and is super sturdy and easy to clean.


These Drawer Dividers That Can Be Rearranged To Create A Custom Design That Suits Your Needs

These clear drawer dividers can easily be rearranged to create a custom organizer that works best for your needs. Sold in a handy six-piece set in a range of sizes, they're perfect for storing cosmetics, toiletries, office supplies, and more. And, since they're made of durable hard plastic, they're super easy to wipe clean.


A Heavy-Duty Storage Rack For Brooms, Rakes, Shovels, & More

Designed to hold up to five items like brooms, rakes, and mops, reviewers say this heavy-duty storage rack is easy to install, impressively sturdy, and love that it has six extra hooks to hang cleaning brushes, pet leashes, and just about anything else. Made of hard plastic, the rack is durable and weatherproof, making it a great option for outdoor use, too.


An Ingenious Way To Display Your Books

Not only do these floating bookshelves keep your books tidy and your surfaces clear, but they also make a major design statement. They’re made of durable, L-shaped metal that can hold up to 15 pounds each, and come in either silver or white — though the shade doesn’t matter much, since the structure will be concealed beneath your books. These are available in sets of one or three in either small or large sizes. Or, consider purchasing a handful and creating an entire floating library in your home. How magical does that sound?


A Stackable Water Bottle Rack That You Can Keep In The Fridge

This water bottle organizer is one of those things you probably would never think you needed, but once you own, you'll realize how great it is. It's especially handy if you chill your bottles in the fridge, where space tends to be especially limited. The durable plastic rack is made up of stackable parts, each of which holds three water bottles. If you need even more storage, you can buy two and stack all four pieces together to create a 16-bottle rack.


This Roll-Up Drying Rack That Saves You Precious Counter Space

Make the most of every last inch of counter space with this drying rack, which you can roll up and tuck away when not in use. It’s made of sturdy stainless steel that holds up to 70 pounds, and features grippable, BPA-free silicone edges, so you can lay it over your sink without worrying about your dishes slipping off. You can also use it as a trivet for baking sheets or pans.


A Magnetic Shelf For Cooking Essentials Like Olive Oil & Spices

This magnetic stainless steel shelf is designed to snap right onto your stove, giving you quick access to olive oil, spices, salt and pepper shakers, and other items you often reach for when cooking. Sure, the idea may seem strangely specific, but when you think about it, it’s a brilliant way to streamline the cooking process and your storage space. And there’s virtually no assembly required — you just (carefully) place the whole shelf right atop your stove — so it’s an excellent option for those who aren’t so confident with tools.


A Set Of Clear Containers With Flat Lids So You Can Stack Them

Made of hard plastic with matching lids, these small round containers are perfect for storing a whole range of items, from hair accessories to craft supplies. Sold in a set of three, they're stackable, making it easy to utilize vertical storage space, and the clear sides mean you'll still be able to see what's inside.


An Adjustable Storage Rack For Baking Sheets, Cutting Boards, & More

Use this rack to store cutting boards, baking sheets, and similar items vertically — not only will doing so save you tons of cabinet space, but it'll make it easy to view and access everything you have. The rack consists of a sturdy plastic base with seven coated steel dividers, which can easily be adjusted to fit trays, cutting boards, and baking tins of various sizes.


A Honeycomb-Style Hanger For Belts, Scarves, & Ties

This hanger is an ideal way to store your collection of silky scarves, and it's also great for belts, ties, and more. Made of durable, snag-proof steel, it's designed to hang on your closet rod like any other hanger — but unlike most hangers, it can hold at least 18 items at once.


A Stylish Way To Store Cotton Swabs & Other Small Items

A practical way to store items like Q-tips and cotton balls in your bathroom, this vintage-inspired organizer is stylish enough to display, and still allows you to see what's being stored inside. Made of thick, durable glass with a filigreed trim, it's divided into three compartments of various sizes.


A Sturdy Steel Rack To Keep Your Heavy Pots & Pans Organized

Save storage space — and keep your cookware organized and accessible — all with this nifty pot and pan rack. Designed to store up to five pots and pans of various sizes, the rack can be used either vertically or horizontally, and is sturdy enough to support up to 50 pounds at one. Plus, while many similar racks are made of flimsier wire or metal, this one is made of solid steel, and is coated with enamel to prevent it from scratching or damaging your cookware.


This Expandable Shelf That Creates An Extra Tier Of Cabinet Storage

At first glance, this cabinet organizer is basically just an unusually short shelf — but the fact that it's expandable is what makes it special. Since the width can be adjusted to match that of your cabinet, it'll fit perfectly, creating a second level of storage space for dishes, pantry goods, and other small items.


A Pretty Three-Tier Organizer For Your Jewelry

This three-tier organizer offers an attractive way to hang your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Available in two metal finishes — nickel and brass — the base doubles as a catch-all tray for rings and other small items.


A Stackable Storage Rack For All Your Canned Goods

Make efficient use of your pantry space with this storage rack for canned food. Each rack can hold up to 32 standard cans, and since they're stackable, so you can buy multiples and attach them together to create a larger rack. "I use this in my laundry room to hold dog food cans," one reviewer shared. "So much better than stacking cases in a corner."

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