7 Hotels With Luxe Boutique Shopping Concepts

When Olympic-sized pools and spas are just not enough.

Adare Manor
hotels with shopping boutiques

Over the past few years, the hospitality industry has seen a glow up the likes we’ve never seen. Gone are the days when an indoor pool and full-service gym are enough to differentiate a property from the crowd. These days, luxury resorts are innovating their amenities to truly deliver unique and memorable experiences to their guests, from three-hour rock-climbing excursions and cold-plunge experiences to full-service onsite spas and beauty salons. One of the most prominent trends to sweep the hotel industry is the recent wave of luxe shopping boutique concepts. Yes, from Los Angeles to Ibiza, properties across the globe are partnering with luxe labels and brands to allow travelers the perfect dose of retail therapy — without ever leaving the grounds.

“High fashion and luxury hotels have a longstanding association, and we are currently witnessing an increasing trend of high fashion brands expanding into the hospitality sector,” says Deirdre Moore, boutique manager at Adare Manor in Limerick, Ireland. The iconic luxury property recently expanded its own onsite boutique, which originally offered souvenir-like goods from the hotel. As of this month, Adare Manor’s retail shop includes curated collections from both independent designers and world-renowned labels across the fashion, accessory, and lifestyle sectors.

“Partnering with iconic hotels provides brands with opportunities to connect with their customers in popular destinations, offering a seamless extension of their brand experience,” explains Moore. “This intersection of retail and travel marks an exhilarating new chapter for both sectors, presenting exciting opportunities for innovative collaborations. The enhanced boutique space at Adare Manor adds a fresh dimension to the shopping experience, promising guests an unparalleled retail journey.”

Ahead, read on for more luxury hotels around the world who are following suit and offering guests unique shopping boutiques and experiences. Because sometimes we need more than a hot tub and outdoor yoga session to truly unwind.

Waldorf Astoria: Beverly Hills, CA

Wrist Aficionado

If you don’t have the energy or time to hit Rodeo Drive, Waldorf Astoria brings the luxury shopping of Beverly Hills to you with its Wrist Aficionado boutique. Yes, the watch destination may focus on timepieces from major brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet, but it also throws in a few more curated goodies for you to splurge on should you get the urge. The small but mighty boutique includes a carefully curated selection of jewelry from BVLGARI, Chanel, and Boucheron, as well as a tempting lineup of Hermès handbags. You’ll have your own Pretty Woman moment without ever leaving the hotel.

Adare Manor: Limerick, Ireland

Adare Manor

As one of the top luxury hotels in Ireland, Adare Manor has become a bucket list destination for travelers all over the world. In 2017, the property opened its onsite boutique, offering the resort’s own pantry and homewares as a means to allow guests to take a piece of their experience home. In March 2024, however, the shopping concept expanded to include curated collections and collaborations with independent designers and world-renowned luxury brands. “At our Boutique, you will discover thoughtfully curated collections and exclusive collaborations with both esteemed independent designers, Irish artisans, and globally recognized luxury brands,” says Moore. “We partner with brands such as Fabergé, Rue de Verneuil, Urban Aran, Prêt Pour Partir, Bourrienne Paris, Bernardaud, Acqua di Parma and more, most of which you will not find anywhere else in Ireland.”

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel: St. Moritz, Switzerland


For nearly 130 years, this iconic resort — nestled in the heart of St. Moritz — has been one of the leading destinations for both the winter and summer vacation seasons. Most recently, the historic mountain property was included in the inaugural ranking of the World’s 50 Best Hotels 2023, with its superior skiing and ultra luxe accommodations and amenities being a major draw for travelers. Those who don’t indulge in skiiing or summer sports will find plenty to do throughout the day, particularly on the Via Serlas, where Badrutt’s Palace conveniently sits. The Swiss equivalent to Rodeo Drive, the shopping corridor houses boutiques from some of the biggest designers in the world, including Dior, Miu Miu, Cartier, and Gucci (who recently debuted a unique St Moritz capsule, with bags, jumpers and other items dedicated to the resort only). For a true VIP shopping experience, guests of the hotel are invited to experience Badrutt’s Fashion Nights. This exclusive event includes private openings and unique in-store happenings all along Via Serlas.

Six Senses Ibiza: Ibiza, Spain

Six Senses Ibiza

Between the cutting edge wellness programming and acclaimed culinary lineup, shopping isn’t exactly top of mind when you think of Six Senses Ibiza. That said, don’t sleep on the resort’s sustainable boutique Agora. Part-shop, part-entertainment and discovery center, the retail concept was curated by veteran fashion editors Daniela Agnelli and Tiffanie Darke and aims to “bring together the ideas of luxury and sustainability.”

Mission Pacific Beach Resort: Oceanside, CA

Mission Pacific Beach Resort

The design dream child of legendary Los Angeles retailer Ron Robinson, The Ozone serves as the ultimate beachwear destination. The boutique offers all manner of coastal goods that range from vintage collectibles and apparel to candles and cool coffee table books. In addition to locally sourced products and kick-knacks, the boutique is a luxury hub, offering lifestyle treasures from the likes of Christian Lacroix, Missoni Home, and Madeworn.

Noelle Hotel: Nashville, TN

Courtesy of Noelle

Conveniently located in the lobby of the swanky hotel, Keep Shop is a luxury retail boutique that plays host to Nashville’s top fashion designers and artisans (think brands like Stetson, SteamLine Luggage, Noelle, and Atlantic Folk). In addition to its regular mix of apothecary, home goods, jewelry, and apparel offerings, the shop also partners with the city’s top labels and artists for exclusive pop-up events throughout the year.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo: Lake Como, Italy

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

When sunbathing shoreside underneath a striped umbrella with an Aperol Spritz in hand against one of the beautiful vistas in the world has lost its appeal, the iconic Grand Hotel Tremezzo has more luxury to be discovered indoors. The stunning property added shopping to its long list of amenities, courtesy of its Sense of Lake boutique. The carefully curated shop features products and collections that “capture the same carefree spirit of an unforgettable day on Lake Como.” The property partners with artisans across Italy that encapsulate authentic Italian style in their work. From a P. Johnson printed sarong set against the signature orange hue of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo brand to beach-friendly raffia hats from acclaimed Italian brand Le Ninè, this festive store will instantly immerse you in Lake Como’s laid-back, vibrant culture — from head to toe.