Target Just Dropped Its Prices, And We Feel Like Things Are Looking Up

We spent all of Friday and the weekend biting our nails over Hurricane Irma and worrying about everyone in its path, so we could be forgiven for having missed this rare-in-2017 good news, which dropped on Friday. Perhaps in response to continued competition with Amazon, which recently announced it’d be lowering prices at its newest acquisition, Whole Foods, Target has decided to lower prices—effective immediately—on thousands of household items. The statement regarding this change named specific grocery-store-type products such as cereal, baby formula and bath tissue among the items with reduced prices; it appears to be an attempt to replace incessant, and sometimes confusing, promotions with prices that are competitive every single day. As we’ve never been good at coupon cutting, we’re definitely down with this simplified strategy, though we still feel like Target is a “take all my money” situation, regardless of how low its prices go. After all, we totally needed the 12-slice toaster, oversize T-shirt with a bikini printed on it and gold dachshund tape dispenser we picked up the last time we went in for paper towels … right? Plus, all of this.