You Probably Need This New KitchenAid Invention

While labels may not be as big a deal in our kitchens as they are in our closets, there’s one brand we cherish above all others: KitchenAid. Why? Well for one, its classic stand mixers just make us want to bake—and, since most of our cooking tools these days are largely ornamental thanks to Uber Eats, we’re even more fond of the line simply for looking so good. If you’re with us on this, today’s your lucky day: Our beloved mixer maker has just released the fashion-girl version of its star appliance. The all-black Limited Edition Black Tie Stand Mixer is basically the baking equivalent of the perfect LBD that’s seen you through endless rounds of small talk and dirty martinis. (And at $1,000, it’s just as much of an investment.) You can buy this baby, or just drool over it (and the imaginary cupcakes you’d make with it), here.