Treasure Chest

by The Zoe Report

We all fondly recall our first jewelry box: a petite case that upon opening revealed a spinning ballerina and charming music accompaniment. Cut to adulthood and we have outgrown the precious holder just a tad—that is, there is no way in heck that our cache of statement baubles would ever fit into it. Kelly Wearstler’s mega-sized jewelry box, on the other hand, is a little more our speed!

Carved in oak and hand-finished in graphic, this magnificent case is no ordinary jewelry box, rather a thoroughly modern treasure chest! Boasting endless drawers and compartments of different shapes and sizes, it is well equipped to hold your every last gem—plus the posh black and white motif will look oh-so-dapper displayed on your bathroom counter or vanity. Are your notice-me necklaces, cocktail rings and arm part-ee bangles piling up at an alarming rate? Store them safely inside Kelly Wearstler’s stylish case and you’ll have easy access to rock ‘em whenever you need!

Availability: Kelly Wearstler Jewelry Box ($2500). For additional information, visit Kellywearstler.com.

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