How Jeremiah Brent Turns A Bachelor Pad Into A Couple’s Abode

The Zoe Report’s director of strategic partnerships and business development, Mel, just moved in with her fiancé—but she thinks the house feels like a bachelor pad. To make the space feel like theirs and not his, she enlisted the help of interior designer and TV personality Jeremiah Brent.

His recommendation: Start by painting the walls to bring a feminine touch to the minimalist design of the home. He showed her how to use the Benjamin Moore Live With It First banner to choose a new paint color. Simply select your color, then an online banner in that color follows you as you browse the Internet. This allows you to see how you react to the color over a period of time—thus preventing you from painting your walls a color you’ll get sick of.

Mel chose Brittania Blue, and the simple act of changing the wall color immediately made the home feel like it belonged to a couple—not a bachelor. See the whole experience in the video above.


Credits: Director: Joshua Winkler Director of Photography: Alexis Mendez Second Camera: Joshua Winkler Sound Operator / Mixer: Robben Fenderson Editor: Cameron Schuster Producer: Marisa Runyon, The Zoe Report DarkHorse Interactive Darkhorsesite.com

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