Simple Home Makeover Tips From An It Girl

Being stylish extends far beyond your wardrobe, but while an outfit misstep only lasts a day, errors in home decor are more permanent—making the process of a home makeover infinitely more daunting. When Louise Roe, one of our favorite LA-based It girls, mentioned she was overhauling her West Hollywood abode we immediately tapped her for tips. Click through for the savvy insights she shared, as well as pictures of her tranquil, SoCal home.

Louise Roe

Look To Existing Spaces You Enjoy For Inspiration

"I stay at the Edition Hotel when I'm in New York and love that their simple color scheme of cream and wood is very tranquil and chic. I was inspired to create the same vibe, but with a more personal twist."

Figure Out What You Want From The Space

"I travel a lot and work in a fast-paced environment, so having a calm sanctuary to return to, is lovely. There are elements of gold in the house, and bright, beachy photography, but the floors, wall color, furniture and countertops are all neutral."

Get Organized & Be Specific

"If you are undergoing a more involved renovation I highly recommend using Hub of the House. They helped guide me through the sheer organization of what needs to be done in which order, and to source contacts for reliable workmen. Having an expert cast their eye over the whole process before you begin saves a lot of time and money. It's also really important to have a clear visual idea of what you want before you start. Do your homework, visit stores, scour Pinterest and Instagram, then refine everything. It's easy to get over excited and want it all but a clear, distilled idea of your goal is crucial."

Find Statement Pieces Online

"Rather than battling through flea markets and estate sales you can find great unique, statement pieces if you shop online. I like The Line, First Dibs, and One Kings Lane."

If You Only Have Time To Make One Change, Declutter

"Always take items out before you add more. I actually put all the ornaments in one spot and then dispersed them in different rooms which gave them fresh life and didn't cost a thing."