8 Creative Decor Ideas To Steal From Instagram Now

Some of us no longer use Instagram for social purposes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t stalk it for style inspiration. It’s an especially useful tool for outside-of-the-box decor ideas, particularly if you’re looking to add some oomph do your home without breaking your bank in the process. Here, eight killer, budget-friendly decor ideas to steal from Instagram now.


Plant Overload

Plants can add so much life and color to a home, and we love the idea of going absolutely bananas with them, especially in a bathroom. This photo feels like it belongs to a tropical resort, but you can easily recreate it in even the most urban of environments. We also absolutely adore the look of snake plants placed under a bathroom sink, as shown here. If you're looking for some incredible plant art to add to your home, check out Plant The Future, our newest obsession.


Textured Chairs

This simple trick can totally transform basic chairs into cozy eye candy. Any textile works, but we're partial to this sheepskin version, especially for colder months.


Bold Accents

We love the way this unremarkable nook is made special with just a dash of bold wallpaper. You can also use paint to accent a particular section of a room, as evidenced by this cheerful fireplace.

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The Decorative Ladder

There are so many ways in which you can use a decorative ladder to add texture and depth to a room. We've seen them used as coat racks (as pictured here), bathroom towel racks, mounted on the wall sideways as bookshelves (thicker ladders are required for this purpose), or simply draped with textiles, books, or other objects for decorative purposes.


DIY Hanging Rope Shelves

Our DIY crush Mr. Kate has a fairly simple tutorial for making these shelves on her website right now—you can adjust the depth and height to your specific needs. We're picturing them in the beach homes of our dreams.


Mismatched Seating

Anyone can order a matching set of chairs to place around their kitchen table, but it takes a certain pizazz to pull off mismatched seating in the kitchen. The best part about this look? You can scour local flea markets for unexpected additions to your misfit chair collection.


Jungle Drawers

Drawer plants are such an easy way to add unexpected flourish to a room. We prefer something leafy for this purpose, but you could use anything, including freshly-picked flowers.


Unexpected Wall Hangings

We love the idea of using unexpected items as wall art, like this guitar. You can even use something functional as wall art, like a bike (or these roller skates), that can easily be re-hung after use.


Magazine Stacks As Furniture

Why hide the magazines you've been inexplicably hoarding for years in your bathtub for company, à la Carrie Bradshaw, when you can just put them all out there like this? We're also partial to book stacks as nightstands—you'll just want to use sturdy coffee table books, anchored by the heaviest at the bottom of the heap.