8 Fashion Brands With Home Lines You Need To Be Shopping

Ever wish you could dress your home just as well as you dress yourself? You’ve spent so much time curating the effortless vibe of your wardrobe, so your house should get the same treatment. Well, you’re in luck, because some of our favorite fashion brands have killer home decor lines that we simply can’t get enough of. From Zara to Hermès, check out the lines that top our current list and why we love them. You can thank us when you’re fully immersed in giving your apartment a complete fall fashion makeover.

Courtesy of Anthropologie


We love Anthropologie for its vintage vibe, and though it's first and foremost an apparel destination, we have to say: We might just adore its home selection even more. Whether you’re in the market for a velvet statement chair, a set of colorful dishes, the next great cookbook or simply a marble dish to hold your jewelry, you can’t beat the selection. What’s more, Anthro recently expanded upon its already enormous selection of merchandise, making it the ultimate destination for everything you'd ever think to buy for your home.

Courtesy of Gucci


Gucci only recently launched its home line, making us feel as though our living spaces can finally master the grandma-chic vibe we've been mixing in our wardrobe for the past few seasons. On the small end, there is everything from heavenly candles to china to metal trays. To tease the new line, the brand is now selling pillows that were famously placed on each guest's seat at the last fashion show. What's more, Gucci is selling larger furniture items like chairs and screens, along with rolls of the most gorgeously printed wallpaper to really take your home to the next level.

Courtesy of H&M


Though not hugely advertised, this affordable fashion brand boasts cool-girl home essentials at prices that will keep your wallet happy. While H&M's selection of merchandise falls just short of furniture, you can still pick up big-ticket items for a fraction of their usual price—think large mirrors, rugs and other statement pieces.

Courtesy of Zara


Another favorite affordable fashion retailer, Zara shows no signs of stopping when it comes to home decor. While there aren't any brick-and-mortar stores in the United States (yet!), they do exist in other countries and Americans are still able to shop the selection online. Much like Zara's ready-to-wear counterpart, the home store is the ultimate destination for clean and modern pieces that come in everything from understated black and white to brighter colors and bold florals.

Courtesy of Tory Burch

Tory Burch

Have you ever walked into a Tory Burch store and thought, I want my home to look exactly like this? Well, the good news is, it can. While there is much to behold, the beauty of this line actually lies in the dishware. Elegant plates, bowls, pitchers, platters, spongeware and hostess gifts rendered in chic patterns and motifs define the space they're in.

Courtesy of Kate Spade

Kate Spade

For a kick of whimsy, look no further than Kate Spade’s home line. From the kitchenware to the dining room dish sets, these pieces could outfit your house from top to bottom. A few years ago, the brand added furniture to its lineup, making it more of a gem than ever.

Courtesy of Missoni


For color lovers and bold-print fanatics, Missoni home decor is for you. Thanks to its expanding lineup, you can infuse a bit of those iconic zigzag stripes into your bedroom with a pillow or two or go all out with the head-turning pattern via furniture, textiles and dishware. Mix and match at will—that's where the magic comes in.

Courtesy of Hermès


There are few things more iconically elegant than Hermès. Perhaps your first introduction to the fashion house's home line was through a small gift, like a picture frame or decorative box. Or maybe you’ve simply had your eye on its classic red-patterned dishware that most of us can only dream about. Regardless, it's a sight to behold. And while we might spend the rest of our life trying to collect everything on our wish list, piece by piece, it will always be a collection that is hard to beat.