6 Tips For Decorating With Framed Art

If your spring cleaning to-do list involves not only organizing your linen closet but sprucing up a few lackluster corners in your home as well, a beautiful piece of art (or several) is a great place to focus your attention. Nothing (not even the coolest throw pillows) can bring a room to life like an interesting and thoughtfully-framed piece of art. Here, Homepolish Creative Director Orlando Soria shares his tips on decorating with art the right way, illustrating those ideas with photos from his very own projects.

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Consider The Material Of The Frame

"Most frame nerds will tell you to frame based on the art, not the space. While this is mostly true I think you can keep both in mind. For example, if you have a gold drawing that seems to be screaming for a bright brass frame but brass isn't going to work in your room, go with something neutral like a simple white frame."

Photo: Tessa Neustadt

For Gallery Walls, Decide On A Theme

"Gallery walls can be totally cohesive or purposefully diverse. For example, you may choose to do a gallery wall of all portraits or a wall featuring portraits, abstract art, and landscapes. If you're going cohesive, make sure you've collected a group that makes sense visually and conceptually. If you have a wall that's all seascapes with one cat painting, things will seem a bit off."

Photo: Bethany Nauert

Use Art To Fill Out Bookshelves

"Shelf styling normally consists of a mixture of books and objects but layering in a few framed photos or small art works adds dimension and personalizes your shelving."

Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Frame Canvas Paintings

"A lot of people like leaving paintings on canvas raw and unframed, but framing paintings can give them a finished look, increasing their presence."

Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Create Drama With Large-Scale Art

"Gallery walls are a great way to add some charm to your home, which is why they're so popular these days, but never forget the simplicity and elegance of larger scale framed works like drawings and photographs on their own or in pairs. If you're attempting to create an atmosphere, going with a well-chosen single piece of art is the easiest way to tell that story."

Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Hire A Professional (Without Spending A Fortune)

"There are a ton of beautiful ready-made frames out there as well as great pre-cut mats. These are perfect if you have a piece of art that comes in a standard size but a lot of larger scale works don't necessarily fit into those standard frames. For unusual sizes, invest in custom framing services from a local company or a simple online service like Simply Framed. Framing and matting things correctly can make all the difference in making them look like beautiful important pieces of work."

Photo: Sean Gin