Expert-Approved Kitchen Gifts For Your Friend Who Loves The Bear

Yes, chef.

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Since first premiering in June 2022, Hulu’s original series The Bear has ignited a fire in millions of fans, with many fancying themselves fledgling chefs with a fresh passion for haute cuisine (even if that translates to an elevated, potato-chip-infused omelette). There’s something about the show’s mixed bag of hopelessly flawed yet lovable characters and drool-worthy food shots that has resonated with audiences, sending thousands into the kitchen to recreate their own “Yes, chef” moments. For this reason, as gifting season rapidly draws closer, allow Carmy and the gang to guide your shopping and truly impress the amateur cooks in your life.

Truly, there is no shortage of chic and quality kitchen essentials to choose from this season, as brands are also jumping on the viral culinary extravaganza that The Bear has instigated. There’s influencer-favorite Caraway and its plethora of Instagram-worthy pots and pans that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are efficient. And labels like La Tourangelle are capitalizing on the uptick in refined palettes with its offering of artisanal cooking oils that feature blends like white and black truffle oil (yum!). You can also go the appliance route as brands like GE and HALO offer state-of-the art cooking essentials that can turn even the smallest of kitchens into the new hotspot (never underestimate the power of a pizza oven).

Ahead, see all the chef-approved kitchen essentials that will make the Sydneys and Tinas in your life jump for joy this season.

Masanobu VG-10 Gyuto
Mary Attea, executive chef of NYC restaurants The Musket Room and Raf's says you can have every tool and gadget in the kitchen, but the most important is a sharp, sturdy chef's knife. “I prefer to use a Japanese-style knife, but as long as it stays sharp and has a strong handle, any chef's knife will do,” she says, noting this one from Korin as a fave.