High-Design Cannabis Accessories To Elevate Your 420

Ditch the pot leaf motifs.

by Erika Stalder
cannabis accessories

If your smoking tools were purchased in the back of a record store, involve a metal onie, or were procured in an era in which they would have been classified as “paraphernalia,” then it’s time to consider a more refined approach to cannabis culture and the accessories in your arsenal. Because, as the weed industry has gone legit, its aesthetic has also matured. “Good design is always trending, but historically, cannabis consumers had fewer options because buying was dictated by what the corner store had in stock,” notes Esther LeNoir Ramirez, cofounder of Session Goods. “Now, people want their pieces to reflect the mainstream acceptance of cannabis. They want to feel the equivalent experience and pride of investing in nice wine or whiskey glasses. They want their ritual to feel sophisticated, elegant, and mature versus ‘something I did in college.’"

Not to discredit the legions of glassblowers, ceramicists, wood carvers, and other artisans who have turned out gorgeous pieces back when weed was an underground indulgence. Those with Chihuly-an talent are still creating works that are almost too pretty to use. But now, mass manufacturers are leveling up, swapping out psychedelia and pot leaf motifs for sleek products that speak to one’s inner design snob.

Take, for example, Edie Parker’s famous lucite, concrete-and-walnut stash boxes, and even a cast-iron matchstick holder made to look like a cairn have entered the session. What’s more, players from other design-forward industries are getting in on the action. “We have designed cannabis-related products for so many brands outside of the cannabis industry (including in luxury fashion, music, and art), it’s clear that the industry — and design specifically — is going to continue to grow and be a requirement for all brands competing within the space," says Lana Van Brunt cofounder of Sackville & Co, a line of contemporary cannabis accessories and Sackville Studios, a New York-based firm that designs and produces cannabis-related goods. “We anticipate the design trend to continue to grow exponentially as New York comes online to the legal market.”

Ready to reboot your own collection of cannabis accessories? Stock up on the design-forward items below.

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