You’ll Want This Buzzy Ceramic Artist’s Work In Every Room Of Your Home

It’s that good.

Rami Kim Studio / Instagram

Ceramic pieces have had something of a renaissance recently. While pottery was once considered slightly boring, that’s definitely no longer the case. These days, it’s practically a requirement for cool creatives to fill their homes with funky, hand-crafted pieces, and it’s honestly impossible to scroll through Instagram without coming across yet another cool, buzzy ceramic artist. If you’re here for this movement, you’re certainly not alone; after all, what’s better than a revival of a beautiful medium of art?

And a revival, it is. Ceramicists all over the world are bringing fresh, new perspectives to pottery these days, whether that means unexpected colors, surprising silhouettes, or cheeky illustrations. Plus, creatives are even taking the medium into exciting categories: Now, you can find everything from ceramic pipes to lamps to mirrors.

There are, of course, too many cool ceramic artists out there to count, much less highlight here. But to help you discover some of the best designers creating truly interesting and just downright beautiful work, TZR has rounded up eight favorites we believe are worth buying from for your own home, ahead.

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Bradley L Bowers

New Orleans-based studio Bradley L Bowers was founded in 2013 by Savannah College of Art and Design graduate Bradley Bowers. The artist and designer is not just a ceramicist; with his studio, he has created pop-up stores, graphic branding, installations, and more for major brands. That said, his Pinch ceramics collection is a well-known part of his work; the line was inspired by indigenous ancient oil lamps he saw at a museum in Bahrain. Taken by the simplistic beauty of their forms, he set out to create his own pieces that appeared both contemporary and ancient at the same time. Currently, you can find designs from this collection at The Standard Shop.


Jane D’Haene is the artist behind D-HAENE STUDIO, a ceramic and design studio located in Brooklyn. D’Haene takes her inspiration from Korea, where she was born and raised, and the minimalism of its traditional pottery. However, she makes a point to incorporate new and unexpected design elements to give her pieces a contemporary spin and to provide a sense of both her past and present.

Lydia Johnson

When Lydia Johnson found herself getting frustrated with the term “surface decoration,” she set about making pots out of double-sided, patterned clay slabs. “I was captured by the idea of a sheet of printed fabric transforming into a cup,” she said in an artist statement. “In my work, visual, flat pattern and color function as fundamental structure. A double-sided, printed slab is my material.”

You can see how this plays out through the incredibly colorful tableware she makes, which features what she calls a “mix and match” aesthetic. “All over pattern/color creates an engaging physical and visual relationship between user and object which I hope orchestrates synergy of the eyes, hands, mind, and heart,” Johnson continued.

Rami Kim

Thanks to her studies in animation at California Institute of the Arts and UCLA, L.A.-based artist and ceramicist Rami Kim’s work brings a certain amount of whimsy and, well, animation. Her creations, which encompass lamps, mugs, planters, and more, include bright colors mixed with neutrals and facial features, and are handcrafted with a sculptural quality.


After spending time working in high-end furniture production and design in L.A., Paris-born designer and ceramicist Ninon (Neen) Choplin founded neenineen in 2017. The goal for Choplin was to turn their passion project into an independent studio and to create an outlet to share their collection of ceramic tableware and smokeware. Neenineen still sells whimsical products of that nature, along with playful lamps, planters, and more.

Morgan Peck

Los Angeles-based ceramicist Morgan Peck started her eponymous ceramics company in 2011, and she’s been creating mirrors, lamps, sculptures, and vases by hand since. Her work, which is never made with molds, draws inspiration from Memphis Group, the Bauhaus, and Art Deco styles.


More than 10 years in the fashion industry is actually what drove Gloria Landenberger to start making ceramics. “I wanted to take my creativity and energy out from behind a corporate computer in order to create something that followed my passion and was made with my own hands,” she explained on her site. That eventually led to 2222STUDIO, an Amsterdam-based studio that focuses on creating and curating “interior objects that can be treated as pieces of art.” Along with other decor, you can find her ceramic creations throughout the site — but be warned. Thanks to their unique silhouettes and trendy nature, they’re often sold out.

Tiana Tucker

Ceramicist and illustrator Tiana Tucker, who currently lives and works in Brooklyn, hand-paints and hand-makes each of her ceramic pieces. “All my drawings and paintings are all over the place and made of whatever happens to take my fancy at the time,” she wrote on her website. Perhaps that’s why everything you’ll find for sale in her shop is so much fun; the incense burners, cups, vases, and more have unique shapes and colorful drawings of all kinds, making it impossible to guess what you’re going to find next.