Before Your Next Trip, Make Sure To Stock Up On This Genius Packing Essential

You’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Natalia Kostikova / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

Even for the most experienced travelers, packing doesn’t always come easy. It’s an art form that can take years to master, especially when it involves planning for long vacations or multiple destinations. If you’re about to embark on a trip of your own and are experiencing this struggle for yourself, though, don’t fret. The good news is that there are plenty of genius travel essentials out there that can help streamline the packing process, even for those completely new to the science.

And yes, there’s more to that than just packing cubes (though those are definitely handy, too). In fact, helpful packing products run a gamut of categories far broader than you probably ever imagined. Ever heard of a garment bag-turned-duffel, a collapsible water bottle, or a blanket that fits into a tiny pouch? They all exist and they are actually all necessary for a better packing (and travel) experience.

Not sure where to start to make your next trip less of a headache? Fortunately for you, TZR has rounded them up (and more) to make your life, and your adventures, that much easier. Find our favorites — as well as the reasons they’re worth your money — ahead.

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Need a little more variety in your beauty containers? Kitsch’s Ultimate Travel Set comes with 11 pieces, including pump and spray bottles, jars with lids, and more portable, leak-proof containers so that you’ll have every storage option you can imagine. The best part? It’s super stylish, to boot.

Buying plastic water bottles in airports is not only wasteful, but wildly expensive. Enter: this collapsible piece, which you can fold up in your carry-on until you’re through security. After that, it’s simply a convenient way to stay hydrated the rest of the trip.

Save your carry-on from a mess of wires by organizing them all in this convenient cable carrying case. With its two-layer interior compartment, small and lightweight size, and waterproof properties, it’ll ensure your bags stay neat and tidy, and your electronics mess- and disaster-free — all without taking up too much space.

Avoid any disasters by investing in this inexpensive travel wallet. It’ll hold all those things and more, and stow them discreetly away while protecting your important papers from harm.

Featuring three large and three small zippered pockets, this roll bag allows you to bring all your favorite accessories along for the ride, no matter where you’re going. It also features a hang hook for easy storage.

If you’re into beauty products, you know all too well the struggle of trying to fit all your favorite products into your luggage. Enter: These ultra-affordable silicone jars, which come in a set of four for $10. All you have to do is transfer your go-to creams and cleansers into them before your trip, and voila — you’ve freed up plenty of space (and weight) for the rest of your necessities.

This bag does the trick: It can transform from a tote to a backpack, has multiple internal and external organizational pockets, features a bottom zipper for easy access, and is waterproof to ensure against unexpected disasters. It can even be extended into a larger bag, in the event that you suddenly need more space.

To ensure you always have something on hand, stow away this roomy, 20-liter backpack. It folds away so that it doesn’t take up any space, but can turn into a large bag instantly to give you a durable carry-on in times of emergency.

Protect yourself (and your beloved beauty products) against any TSA snafus by storing your liquid belongings in these clear toiletry bags. Not only will they help you get through security smoothly, but they’ll keep everything perfectly organized (and easy to grab) in your carry-on.

This carry-on tote-slash-duffel lives up to those high standards. It comes with a spacious shoe compartment on the bottom, plus a back zippered compartment for quick access and a main compartment with two open pockets and one zippered pocket. There’s also a trolley sleeve that slides over rolling luggage handles to keep your bag from falling off.

While it is a garment bag, it actually rolls up into a duffel. Thus, you can store your suits or dresses in it, but not have to deal with lugging the long piece onto a plane. As a bonus, it also features a shoe pouch on the left side pocket, and it’s water resistant so you don’t have to worry about any spills damaging your clothes.

To use it, simply throw your products onto the 20-inch surface. A raised outside lip will keep items from rolling away, and then when you’re ready to go, you can close the drawstring to turn it into a pouch.

Make security a breeze with this laptop backpack. The nylon piece not only makes fitting it into your bag a breeze, but also protects against theft (thanks to a special safe phone pocket on the back) and features a quick-charging USB port.

This blanket is lightweight and fits into its accompanying bag so you can fold it and store it away, and its carrying case includes a piggy-back strap that slides over a roller bag handle. It even doubles as a pillow, so you don’t have to lug one of those awkward neck poufs on board.

Need to really save space? This 15-pack of vacuum compression storage bags compresses your clothing at an 80% percent size reduction.

The two large cubes and one medium cube feature a patented HybridMAX design that allows you to use them as regular packing cubes or as compression cubes to help you save space. The set also includes two small compression cubes, two accessory bags, one laundry/shoe bag, and 50 luggage tag cards to help you organize further.