So Long, Rosé—This New Liquor Is About To Be Your Latest Summer Obsession

If the alcohol world was high school, rosé would be prom queen. However, there’s a new pink drink in town aiming to dethrone said Queen Rosé. Enter Wölfford Estate Vineyard’s latest and perhaps most genius development: Pink Gin. The summer-friendly liquor isn’t exactly new, but winemaker Roman Roth insists this version is a standout, as copper is used to distill the company’s IG-famous rosé, infusing it with juniper berries along with six herbs and adding a small amount of red grape skin extract for the distinct pink hue—a process unlike that of typical distilleries that blend grain-based gin with bitters or botanicals. “The aroma is much more playful and fruit-driven, all creating a fine gin,” the company explained in a press release. The result is a clean, full-bodied gin with a touch of spice, which to us sounds like a recipe for the perfect afternoon drink. While we’re not ready to give up our beloved rosé, we have to admit this gin is swiftly making it’s way to the “most popular” slot.