The Best Hostess Gifts That Don’t Involve Wine

Hopefully by now we all know you should never show up to dinner at a friend’s house empty handed (if you do, kudos to your parents for raising you well). And we’ve got to admit that we’ve gotten pretty stuck in a routine with the gift we give always our hostess: wine. Yes it’s a classic choice, but if you’re wanting to think outside the box for the next get-together you attend in someone’s home, we’ve rounded up a few options that are arguably just as good as a bottle of vino. From cozy and pampering goodies to culinary treats, these gifts are guaranteed to make any hostess’ casa just a little more lovely.


Best Hostess Gifts



The classic, tried-and-true gift for practically every occasion. It doesn't matter if your hostess already picked up blooms for her party—we guarantee she won't ever be disappointed to have some more around.


Chef-Approved Apron

Forget that Stepford wife vibe: if your hostess is a whiz in the kitchen, reward her efforts with a chef-quality—yet chic—apron that will really make her feel like a pro.

Williams Sonoma

Wine Pump

Okay we didn't say anything about wine accessories. You hostess can make her precious vino last longer with a pump that pulls the air out of the wine, therefore keeping it fresh.

Leaves and Flowers

Herbal Tea

A beautiful herbal tea is one of those things that's always handy to have around, but you rarely buy yourself—which is why it's the perfect hostess gift.

Williams Sonoma

Fancy Olive Oil

Even a novice cook could benefit from some fancy flavored olive oils for finishing dishes or dipping bread into.


Luxurious Slippers

She's been on her feet all day—likely in uncomfortable but beautiful shoes—making sure you'll have a lovely time, so why not treat her so something totally cozy?


Pampering Hand Lotion

What better way to feel pampered after a day of hostessing duties than a rich, moisturizing hand cream?