7 Breakfast-In-Bed Recipes Perfect For Valentine’s Day

We don’t know about you, but for us the idea of breakfast in bed recalls fond memories of making disastrously bad pancakes for Mom on Mother’s Day. Perhaps for this reason, the gesture feels like an act of love as simple as it is meaningful—something you can throw together even if short on time and money. Here, decadent but easy recipes you can prepare for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day—without having to forgo too much cuddle time.

Recipe Tin Eats

Strawberry Nutella French Toast Roll-Ups

If someone brought these to us in bed, we'd marry that person immediately and never look back. Those of us who don't have a significant other to make these for should just make them for ourselves—the ultimate act of self-love. Somewhat dangerously, they take only 15 minutes to prepare.

Find the full recipe for this life-changing breakfast here.

Proud Italian Cook

Mini Cracked-Egg Pizza

If your significant other is more of a savory breakfast person, this pizza, which is fancy-looking but really easy to prepare, is sure to make them swoon.

Find the full recipe for this heart-shaped pizza here.

Tip Buzz

Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Not for the faint of heart, this sweet-and-savory snack is super simple to make and adds a little holiday flair to an otherwise ordinary breakfast of scrambled eggs and orange juice.

Learn how to pair Oreo crumbs and bacon here. (You're welcome.)

The Kitchn

Red Velvet Cake Oatmeal

Want to trick your significant other into eating more vegetables? This is the way to do it, as this decadent-looking "cake" oatmeal is actually made from beets.

Get all the deets on this deliciously disguised dish here.


Chocolate Chip Pancake Casserole

Unlike the other recipes on the list, this casserole takes a little bit of prep, as you need to refrigerate the pancakes overnight. The good news is that your significant other will see the pancakes in the fridge, suddenly remember it's Valentine's Day and actually get you a gift this year. Yay.

Get the instructions for this how-did-we-not-think-of-this-sooner recipe here.

Reclaiming Provincial

Heart-Shaped Eggs In The Basket

Easy, sweet and heart-healthy, just like a lover should be, no?

Find simple instructions for this customizable recipe here.

Serious Eats

Mezcal Mary With Roasted Jalapeño And Bacon

We know what you're thinking—isn't this a little much for a Tuesday morning? Our answer is, of course, no. Worst-case scenario, you and your significant other call in sick and hang out in bed, a little tipsy, for the rest of the day. Now that is what we consider romantic. (Just don't tell our bosses we said so.)

Learn how to make this smoky take on the Bloody Mary here.