Amy Schumer’s 8 Most Brilliant Moments

Finally, Inside Amy Schumer is back (as of tomorrow, April 21). In anticipation of what we hope will be yet another brilliant season, we’ve compiled a list of the show’s best sketches to date. All are insightful representations of the female experience that are equal parts hilarious, brilliant, and iconic… just like Amy herself.

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Milk Milk Lemonade

This sketch hilariously and outrageously parodies the current cultural obsession with big booties, particularly as they're fetishized in music videos. Watch it here.

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Last F*ckable Day

This is one of our favorite pieces of comedy, ever. It so brilliantly skewers a culture in which it's common to see men paired with women 40 years their junior, and in which woman over the age of thirty are generally relegated to playing moms. There are so many good lines in this sketch. (Sidenote: Julia Louis-Dreyfuss is 56. 56! We want whatever she's having.) Watch "Last F*ckable Day" here.

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Why are women so weird about accepting compliments from one another, and why do we feel like we must respond with a degrading comment about ourselves? This sketch observes and comments on this strange phenomenon. You can watch it here.

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New Body

We can all relate to feeling as though there's a day looming large in our futures, on which our bodies will finally reach some sort of an ideal. This sketch hilariously parodies the premature anticipation of that highly unlikely moment. Watch it here.


12 Angry Men

This sketch made Amy a legend. It was voted the best sketch of 2015 by numerous outlets, and it so perfectly parodies the very real experience women face of being valued first and foremost for their appearances. Watch it here.

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Court of Public Opinion: The Trial of Bill Cosby

This brilliantly executed commentary on the Bill Cosby allegations could so easily have gone wrong. Instead, it solidified Inside Amy Schumer's place in comedy history. Watch the sketch here.

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Sex Prep

Men truly have no idea what it takes to prep for a date, but this sketch pretty much sums it up. Watch it here.

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Girl, You Don't Need Makeup

Our significant others are always telling us we look better without makeup, but we're not sure they'd actually prefer we leave the house without it. Watch Amy's hilarious sendup of the 'no makeup' stance here.