6 Things Every Grown-Up Should Have In Her Kitchen

by Hillary Eaton

You’re not in college, you’re a grown-ass woman, and when it comes to your kitchen, you should have a few more things on hand than a can opener and a microwave. From a chef’s knife to a pepper mill, a supply of good-quality tools will open up a whole new world and arm you with the confidence to pull together a quick girls’ brunch or a date-worthy dinner for two at home. But first things first: Here, our shopping list.


Curate Your Kitchen


A Chef's Knife

If you've got only one blade in your kitchen, look no further than the classic chef's knife. Versatility is the reason it's the best friend of every chef and home cook out there. There are a few variations in size, weight and design, so we suggest testing them out at the store and seeing what feels best in your hand.


A Pepper Mill

There's a reason why restaurants ask you if you'd like some fresh cracked pepper on your meal: It tastes way better than the pre-ground stuff in the shaker. Kick your salads, pastas and soups up a notch by using a mill at home, and you'll never look back.


Parchment Paper

This baby is a lifesaver. For perfectly browned cookies that won't stick, line your baking sheets with parchment. And if there's anything better than no-fail baking, it's no messy cleanup afterward.



While a mug will do in a pinch, it's time to invest in some proper stemware. Since you don't need to go overboard and fill up your cabinet, we suggest not getting too specific (white vs. red) and going with one universal style that works for any variety. Cheers!


A Cutting Board

Cutting directly onto your counter will damage it and your knife as well. A stable surface makes slicing worlds easier and also works as a portable plate so you can scrape everything into your desired location. Voilà!


Measuring Cups

As much as cooking is an art, it's also a science. Eyeballing a measurement may work, but it may also lead to a ruined meal, especially if you're tackling a new recipe. Help yourself out and invest in measuring cups (one set for liquid ingredients and one for dry) and measuring spoons.