This New Soap Dispenser Brand Will Help You Ditch Plastic In The Most Stylish Way

Meet Eddi.

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Hand soap has taken on a new importance in the last year or so. Yet while an increase in hand-washing is undeniably a good thing for personal and public health, there’s an unfortunate downside that comes with it: a rise in purchases of single-use plastics. Sure, you could take steps to avoid this yourself with products such as the sometimes questionable (and, let’s be real, often gross-looking) bar soap. But fortunately, there’s a brand-new solution on the horizon thanks to DTC soap dispenser brand Eddi, which launches on Sept. 7 with a line of vessels and washes that are equal parts stylish and eco-conscious (with no single-use plastics in sight).

Starting with a pre-launch on Aug. 4, Eddi’s drop includes multiple products designed to come together in a seamless and sustainable way on your counter. That includes the dispenser itself, which features a sleek design made of stainless steel and zinc alloy and comes in four colorways with a choice of three different bases. Then, there are three distinct soap scents in recyclable aluminum containers, which easily hide away in the minimalist dispensers. The goal, according to the brand, is threefold — to provide an aesthetically pleasing way to store your soap, easily recyclable and convenient refills, and fragrances you’ll actually be excited to use.

This idea was born from co-founders Sarah Pura and Jamison Pereira, who found themselves continually shocked at seeing shelves full of single-use plastic while a plastic waste crisis rages on. So, they teamed up with Box Clever, the design firm behind Caraway Home and Away Luggage, to bring Eddi to life.

"More and more we're understanding that plastic is rarely recycled, but it's hard to switch because of its convenience," said Pura in a press release. "Jamison and I wanted to create a solution that is just as convenient and even more rewarding to help people ditch the plastic bottles, jugs, and bags that most of us have been using. With Eddi we've turned the everyday dispenser into a beautiful, enduring feature for the home. And we've made refills infinitely recyclable and free of plastic waste."

I had the chance to try Eddi’s new dispenser system, and, cynical as I am about any buzzy new launch, was shocked when it far surpassed my expectations. The brand sent me the “Coconut” dispenser with the brushed brass metallic base, which I promptly sat next to my sink. I had doubts that it would look right in my vintage-inspired kitchen, but thanks to its simple design, it managed to fit right in.

Courtesy of Eddi

It was also wildly easy to put together: I didn’t even read the (admittedly brief) instructions for how to insert the soap container into the dispenser, but I was able to figure it out easily and within seconds. Clearly, the brand put some thought into making the system user-friendly. The soap scents were just as surprisingly good — they were subtle but still noticeable, and I liked the range. (I ultimately chose Sunday Drive to try first for its perfect summer vibes). Honestly, my only complaint is that it takes a while to really get the soap feeling off of my hands — and even that could be a good thing, since it encourages me to spend longer washing my hands.

Eddi is probably not something most would deem affordable: Its starter set (aka the dispenser and three refills) starts at $65, while individual dispensers start at $45 and a refill four-pack is $44 for a one-time purchase and $38 for a subscription. Compared to other luxury hand soaps, however, this could be considered a deal, since they often run around $50 for a single-use container. Personally, I do plan on buying the refills in the future. The system is easy and I’m able to recycle the aluminum bottles, so I feel good about spending a little more every once in a while, especially since the dispenser itself is such a pretty upgrade.

Eddi’s products are available for pre-order now directly from its site, with a full launch coming Sept. 7. Or, kick off your Eddi journey with the starter set, just ahead.

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