How Diptyque’s First-Ever Wallpaper Collection Pays Homage To The Candle Brand’s History

With 10 archive-inspired designs.

Courtesy of Diptyque

Though most people are familiar with the French fragrance brand Diptyque, it’s not as well known that the company’s three founders — Christiane Montadre-Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet, and Yves Coueslant — saw initial success from the unique upholstery patterns they created. So while it’s understandable if Diptyque’s first-ever wallpaper collection seems clear out of the blue to you, the launch actually makes perfect sense. Really, it’s both a logical next step to its growing home decor category and an homage to the company’s exploratory and artistic beginnings.

Still, the wallpaper launch is exciting nonetheless. The January drop, available on Diptyque’s site now, features a series of 10 punchy designs pulled from the brand’s archives. And, its signatures can clearly be seen throughout. Gautrot and Knox-Leet’s Pretorien design, which was reinterpreted for this collection, features the house’s iconic, antique Roman-shield inspired oval shape. Similarly, Gautrot’s Art Deco Basile pattern, originally printed on fabrics sold at the flagship boutique, returned as the Basile Frieze for the new line.

Bringing these classics back to life without compromising their integrity was undoubtedly a feat. Which is surely why Diptyque relied on Cécile Figuette, founder of wallpaper brand Bien Fait, to help with the process. Working with Diptyque's SVP of Decoration Myriam Badault (who chose all of the designs), Figuette used her expertise and unique take on perspective and scale to take the essence of Diptyque’s history and turn it into a complete collection of stylish wall decor.

That’s why, within the collection, you’ll find more than just “traditional” wallpaper. Of course, there’s that, too: Classic patterned wallpaper panels are available for $650. However, there’s also panoramic decor in two sizes for $960 and $1,715, respectively. Additionally, you can buy a “Frieze” — a wallpaper “reminiscent of the wainscoting commonly found in Parisian apartments” in panels for $835. All of these are printed on non-woven wallpaper rather than fabric using a more sustainable digital printing technique.

As demonstrated in the images that capture the new collection, the wallpapers pair flawlessly with both each other and the rest of the brand’s home decor line. So while you may have some trouble choosing which one to buy, rest assured it won’t have any problem fitting in with the rest of your Diptyque pieces. Start shopping the launch now, ahead.

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