This Rainbow-Hued Hotel Is The Ultimate “Dopamine Destination”

It’s giving joy.

colorful hotels

Given its popularity, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of “dopamine dressing” by now. The practice, which has become one of the year’s most viral movements, involves dressing up to boost the mood. It’s so buzzy, in fact, that it’s started spilling over into other areas as well; dopamine decorating and dopamine gifting have also been dubbed major trends of late. The latest iteration of this, though, is arguably the most fun. Yes, dopamine destinations are officially a thing — and what better way to experience them than with a super colorful hotel to base your stay?

Of course, as with dopamine-boosting clothing or decor, hotels that follow this trend have to have some serious vibrancy — something that’s harder to find than it may seem. A lot of stays have colorful accents here and there; however, hotels that are truly a vivid experience through and through are few and far between.

They’re certainly out there though, and worth seeking out if you want a hotel that will greet you every morning with a burst of joy. So continue reading: From millennial-pink exteriors to buildings featuring basically every color under the sun, these are some of the most colorful hotels around the world that TZR loves.

The Colony Hotel

Courtesy of The Colony Hotel

One look at the outside of The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, and you can see that it’s a definite joy-sparker. But soon, it won’t just be the exterior of this property that’s a guaranteed mood boost. In celebration of the hotel’s 75th anniversary, The Colony is unveiling new guest rooms and suites by Kemble Interiors that align with the playful and luxurious vibe of the rest of the property. So when the redesign is complete, guests will not only feel a dopamine rush when they catch a glimpse of the bright pink exterior walls, but also when they wake up in their color-filled, old-world Palm Beach-inspired rooms.

El Fenn Hotel

Morocco is probably one of the first places you think of when it comes to destinations full of beautiful color, which makes it even more impressive that boutique hotel El Fenn stands out above the rest. Located in Marrakech, this stunning property has rich, saturated colors everywhere you look. As its website states, “We don’t do bland beige here at El Fenn.” Rather, you’ll find a mix of teal walls, yellow furniture, rainbow-hued glass panes, striped red cushions, and so much more to delight.

Galleria Vik Milano

Courtesy of Galleria Vik Milano

Prepare to be literally immersed in color at Galleria Vik Milano, which is housed within the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan’s historical center. According to its site, the property boasts 89 unique rooms, each of which features art installations by Italian, Uruguayan, and international artists. The guest rooms’ walls are finished in stucco Veneziano (an Italian design technique), with 20 different color variations. In fact, it looks more like a museum than a hotel — but one of the most vibrant variety.


Luxury eco-resort Cuixmala, located south of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, used to be the private retreat for billionaire Sir James Goldsmith. Now, it serves as an ultra-luxurious stay featuring 30,000 acres of nature reserve, three private, wild beaches, 40 rooms, and so much more. And yes, color abounds — but in a surprisingly serene way. The yellow-orange exterior pops beautifully against the lush green jungle, while the interiors are a juxtaposition of bright whites and ultra-saturated tones. Even just looking at pictures, it’s hard not to be immediately transported to a happier place.

Casa Palopó

Casa Palopó is another private residence-turned-hotel — and claims an equally colorful property, this time in Guatemala. You’ll have to tear your eyes away from the beautiful blue Lake Atitlán and surrounding volcanoes to notice, but once you do, bright hues are everywhere. From the cerulean walls to the vivid orange accents to the vibrant landscaping, mood-boosting scenes abound here at this Relais & Châteaux hotel.

Saguaro Palm Springs

Courtesy of Saguaro

There’s perhaps no better example of a dopamine destination than Palm Springs’ Saguaro hotel. In fact, its colorful pool area is nothing short of iconic; surrounded by an exterior painted in a rainbow of colors and full of bright yellow, orange, and pink umbrellas and accents, the vibe is an explosion of joy. It’s become an Instagram favorite for a reason — it’s hard not to double-tap such a vibrant, sunny place.