These Celebrity Spaces Are The Only Inspo You Need For Your Upcoming Patio Refresh

Spring is on its way.

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Gabrielle Union / Instagram
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It's not like outdoor spaces have ever been out of style or anything, but they definitely got some renewed popularity in 2020. Suddenly, it seemed like the whole world was decorating their balconies, buying porch heaters, and sprucing up their patios in general. With spring approaching again (thank goodness) and gatherings heading outside more and more, that's bound to be increasingly the case in the coming months. And if you're in the group of people buying up weatherproof furniture and building gardens, you're probably looking for some inspiration right about now — which you'll find plenty of in the celebrity outdoor spaces shared on Instagram.

Like the rest of the people who were lucky enough to have yards, patios, or pools to escape to last year, celebrities seemed to spend a lot of time outside. And fortunately for those who are thinking of revamping their own spaces, they spent even more timing sharing their luxe spots.

Sure — the infinity pools and expanses of lush grass might not exactly be attainable for most of us, but you can still take some tips from their stylish setups, like their perfect-for-entertaining arrangements or seriously cool furniture. And considering how close we are to warm weather (just a couple more months), you'll probably want to sooner than later.

To help you do that, TZR rounded up some of the best outdoor spaces A-listers have shared in the past few months. From Gabrielle Union's minimalist oasis to Cindy Crawford's seaside retreat, continue on for a few we love the most (and the pieces to help you copy them), ahead.

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Celebrity Outdoor Space: Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen's Cravings office was already cool enough, but her bohemian-esque patio makes it even better. Those with small spaces can easily copy this look — all you need is a rattan furniture set, an outdoor rug, and some layered textiles in varying textures.

Celebrity Outdoor Space: January Jones

January Jones' outdoor area has it all — a lounging spot, a pool, and even an outdoor kitchen. We're especially partial to her dining area though, which has a rustic vibe that's offset by the glamorous patio umbrella overtop.

Celebrity Outdoor Space: Gabrielle Union

If you're a minimalist, you'll love Union's poolside retreat: The space is all about simplicity and comfort. To achieve the look, Union stuck with a mostly gray and white color scheme, and chose furniture with clean lines and lots of cushioning.

Celebrity Outdoor Space: Kylie Jenner

Though Jenner also opted for a more minimalist approach to her patio furniture, she incorporated some funkier pieces as well to mix things up. It's proof you can get out of the box with your outdoor area — just find some less typical items, like her modular puffy lounger, to mix up the rest of your look.

Celebrity Outdoor Space: Cindy Crawford

OK, so it's unlikely you're working with an infinity pool situation right next to the ocean. (Though if you are, we're coming over ASAP.) That said, Crawford's pool area packs some seriously serene tropical vibes, which you can easily recreate with some of the soft wood tones and big plants around her home.

Celebrity Outdoor Space: Christie Brinkley

Brinkley actually has a wealth of outdoor spots to lounge and eat in, but one of the best is this garden dining area. Though you may not be able to fit a full rose trellis on your balcony, you can still follow her lead by incorporating some potted florals and a charming table set.

Celebrity Outdoor Space: Serena Williams

There's no reason you need to go with the traditional lounge set for your balcony or patio. Instead, take notes from Williams, who chose to decorate her pool area with an egg swing chair. Just imagine hanging in one of these with a cold drink in hand — you'll be instantly transported to a tropical location, no matter where you're actually living.

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