Byredo’s Latest Byproduct Launch Merges Light & Scent For The Ultimate Candle Experience

Meet Infra Luna.

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“Byredo’s creative ambition of connecting with people comes in various forms — and I have never wanted to limit what those could be,” reads a quote from Ben Gorham, the brand’s founder and creative director, on its website. According to him, the luxury label’s Byproduct collection is a “physical exploration of this belief.” That’s been evident in every installment, from the fine jewelry to the camping equipment. But perhaps never more so than Byredo’s latest launch, the limited-edition scent and light diffuser called Infra Luna that’s number 36 in its creative Byproduct series.

The new piece, released this May, can accurately be described as a work of art. It was created in collaboration with French designer and light artist Benoit Lalloz, who’s known for using a combination of science and technology to make pieces and installations of which light is the “essence.” And that’s exactly what Lalloz did with this Byredo product.

Infra Luna diffuses both scent and light using a heating mechanism. To release scent, it melts the wax of Byredo candles into liquid, which then spreads the aroma around the room. The light element is created by three colored caps (you can choose blue, red, or chrome), which are placed over the candle to cast a wash of light in the hue you select.

Courtesy of BYREDO
Courtesy of BYREDO

But it’s not just the experience it creates that makes Infra Luna worth your attention. The design was made in Lalloz’s signature industrial aesthetic, and appears almost otherworldly thanks to its circular steel frame, LED lighting, and pop of green from the cord. So even without one of Byredo’s chic candles in it, it’ll look interesting sitting in your home.

That’s good, because this launch doesn’t come cheap. Available exclusively at Byredo, Infra Luna costs $2,590 — and to use as intended, you’ll also have to splurge on one of its $90 candles. Fortunately, though, if you do invest you’ll get bragging rights as one of the few to own one, since it’s only been made in super-limited quantities. Click the link to buy it before it’s gone, ahead.

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