7 Indie Mags You’ll Flip For

We wouldn’t give up our trusty glossies if our lives depended on it (hi, Vogue!). That said, we’re all about broadening our horizons. These independent publications do just that, while providing endless eye-candy and oodles of lifestyle inspiration. Read on for 7 of our favorites.

Meet Your New Favorite Reading Materials

The Gentlewoman

Even Beyonce took time off from running the world to grace the cover of The Gentlewoman. Since its inception, the magazine has featured all manner of extraordinary women, and the Vivienne Westwood-clad Spring/Summer 2014 issue is no different.

Cherry Bombe

A beautifully edited, stunningly photographed biannual that focuses on two of our favorite things: fashion and food. That is all.

Contributor Magazine

Flipping through the pages of this artsy publication is the equivalent of being a kid stuck in a candy store for fashion obsessives.


Pinterest-worthy dinner parties, a quarterly magazine that’s so pretty we wouldn’t dream of recycling it and now, a cookbook. The Kinfolk folks are keeping busy, and we get to reap (and read) the benefits.


Focusing on process and draftsmanship rather than passing fads, Inventory is a must-read for anyone interested in a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the design industry.


Based out of Australia -- and thankfully, sold all over the U.S. -- Frankie offers something for everyone. Whether its music, art, fashion, design or even crafts.


Tapping into an impressive roster of international contributors, Bristol-based Cereal covers a broad range of travel and lifestyle topics accompanied by truly breathtaking photography.