Out Of All The Canned Cocktails, These Are The 9 We Always Have In The Fridge

A cut above the rest.


Canned cocktails are summer’s number one trend. Click through for the brands we always have on hand.

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Prepare to be very pleasantly surprised at your first sip of MARGS. The canned cocktail isn’t like the saccharine options you’re used to — rather, it features delicious, restrained flavors (like mango or coconut) with mild sweetness for a seriously enjoyable margarita-sipping experience.
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Co-founder Shay Mitchell may have put Onda on the map, but this tequila seltzer is clearly good enough to speak for itself. Made with real juice, it’s meant to be a refreshing drink with “just a hint of tequila.” It has plenty of flavor options, too, so you’ll never get bored.
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Sometimes, you just don’t want something sweet. And if that’s your mood, the first can you should reach for is a Ketel One Botanical Vodka Spritz. It’s made with real botanicals and comes in three varietals (my personal favorite is Cucumber & Mint) featuring flavors that taste both subtle and fresh.
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Le Spritz
Looking for a booze-less option? Naturally, cult-favorite, spirits-free apéritif brand Ghia has your back. Le Spritz is its portable answer to its signature spritz recipe — plus, you can choose from different flavors like the classic Ghia Soda or Ghia Ginger with ginger beer.
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Ramona’s beverages basically combine the idea of an Italian spritz with American wine coolers — and the result is delicious. Its many options are low-ABV, light, and made with almost all organic ingredients. And, they’re fun — from the slightly bitter Amarino Spritz to the Ruby Grapefruit flavor, each sip of every can is an unexpected experience.
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Lime Ranch Water
There’s a reason you see Cutwater canned cocktails on the shelves of nearly every store you visit. Its countless flavors are made with real spirits, and its options range from Lime Ranch Water to Spicy Bloody Mary. Whether you’re serving them at a party or sipping one post-dinner, these will rarely let you down in terms of taste and variety.
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Wellness meets cocktails in Madre Desert Water, the new RTD canned mezcal drinks from artisanal brand Madre Mezcal. Inspired by ranch water, the beverages bring together Madre Espadin mezcal, sparkling water, and real fruit, plus ingredients like adaptogenic mushrooms, anti-inflammatory herbs, and anti-fungal cacti. Functional and delish.
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High Noon
Mango Hard Seltzer
OK, you’ve probably had at least one High Noon by this point; however, it’s still worth mentioning. Made with real vodka and fruit juice, sparkling water, and natural flavors, these don’t have any of those strange aftertastes many hard seltzers leave. Rather, they’re just bright, fresh, and sparkling, and easy to bring along for any occasion.
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Sure, it’s not *actually* in a can. But, don’t let that deter you from trying the RTD Aperol Spritz. While it’s not difficult to make the real thing, these small bottles make it possible to have your go-to drink at a party without hauling all the individual ingredients along. And trust — it tastes just as good.
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