Interior Designer Jeremiah Brent Gets So Many Uses Out Of This $100 Bar Cart

Why he’s loving Bed Bath & Beyond’s newest line.

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Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond
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For most people, a living room is no longer just a living room. And that drastic lifestyle change — moving nearly every activity into your home — presents a dramatic challenge when it comes to decorating. How do you account for a kitchen that also serves as a school, or a bedroom-slash-office space? It’s tough, but fortunately, there are brands setting out to help customers tackle those conundrums more easily. The latest? Bed Bath & Beyond, which just launched a new owned brand called Studio 3B that’s designed with today’s issues in mind.

“Our homes are now the centers of our lives — where we eat, sleep, attend school, work, entertain, exercise, and create,” said Neil Lick, SVP of Owned Brands at Bed Bath & Beyond, in a press release. “Studio 3B was developed to stylishly solve the problems of the adaptable home through carefully designed, contemporary furnishings that address everyday needs.”

It’s doing so in more than one way. First and foremost? Studio 3B’s offerings, which include accent furniture and decor, bedding, bath, and dining essentials, are inspired by modern design in a way that’s both contemporary and inviting. Thus, it encourages a mix-and-match approach that makes decorating easy, no matter your style. In fact, as interior designer and television personality Jeremiah Brent tells TZR during a Zoom tour of a space he designed using the new collection, that’s perhaps its biggest highlight.

Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

“When you're in here, you can really see what I think is the greatest strength of this collection: It’s a beautiful conduit between a lot of different design styles,” he explains. “I think modern will end up being the new traditionalist in a lot of homes because it's a really great place to build from.”

What also makes it ideal for the multi-purpose home, though, is its adaptability (or, as the brand often calls it, “flexible functionality”) — a detail that serves as a through line in much of the furniture. “This bar cart, for example, is a really great [illustration] of the versatility,” says Brent. “It could be a bar, which is my favorite, or it could be a great place for office organization or a nightstand in a bedroom.” All that, and it’s only $100.

This idea is explored in many different ways. One of Brent’s favorite pieces, a $200 arched floor mirror, isn’t just a way to look at your reflection. As the interior designer explains, it’s also an avenue for renters to add temporary interest to the walls without wasting tons of money. “[This] is a mirror I love,” he says. “It's a really amazing price point, and allows you to create architecture in your space.”

Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

While that approachable price range Brent mentions is also an important aspect of Studio 3B — most pieces are under $100 — the designer does note that the brand made it a point not to compromise on the look and feel of the collection.

“I think we all know now that your home has to serve so many different purposes in so many different ways,” he says. “Even though these things are affordable, you want them to be able to transition with you. These pieces can do that, because they're good quality and they're thoughtfully designed.”

Studio 3B is available at Bed Bath & Beyond now. Shop some of TZR’s favorites from the new launch, ahead.

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