58 Cheap Things With Rave Reviews On Amazon That'll Make Your Home WAY Nicer

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by Julia O'Donnell
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A runner that slips out out of place every time you walk on it. The perpetually tangled mess of cords under your desk. That “miscellaneous” drawer that’s so cluttered, it’ll barely even shut. Eyesores and small inconveniences like these might not seem like a big deal on their own, but together, they can make time spent at home feel anything but relaxing. Luckily, making your space more pleasant can be surprisingly easy — not to mention affordable — if you know what to look for. Just take these cheap things with rave reviews on Amazon, for example, which will make your home look and feel way nicer and more comfortable.

While the products featured in this roundup vary quite a bit, they do have an important thing in common: Each one is practically guaranteed to make a tangible difference in your day-to-day life. Some do so by helping you get organized or making the most of your storage space, while others are little touches that’ll make your room feel more luxurious or inviting. None require much time or effort to incorporate into your home, and the vast majority cost well under $50 on Amazon.

So, what have you got to lose? Once you’ve tried these easy home upgrades, you’ll find yourself wondering why you waited so long.


A Motion-Activated Light To Shine Your Way Through Midnight Bathroom Trips

An upgraded version of the nightlight you had as a kid, this 5-foot long, motion-activated light strip attaches to the bottom of your bed frame (or wherever you choose to put it). If you need to get up in the middle of the night, it'll automatically turn on to light your path, and it can also be programmed to turn back off again automatically, anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes after it's been activated.


A Large Rope Basket That's Both Useful & Attractive

Equal parts stylish and functional, this large rope basket has about a million potential uses. Use it to stash toys, bed linens, pet supplies, or even a floor plant. "This basket is excellent quality. It is nice, thick, and heavy duty," one reviewer reported.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 2


This Bamboo Bathtub Caddy For Under $20

Because this bathtub caddy is made of eco-friendly bamboo, it's naturally antibacterial and slip-resistant. Whether you use it to hold practical essentials like your body wash and loofah or bath time treats like candles or a glass of wine, it'll make your nightly soaks that much more relaxing.

  • Available colors: 4


A Fluffy, Breathable Mattress Pad With Over 3,000 Five-Star Reviews

Designed with a breathable, combed cotton shell and fluffy down-alternative filling, this reviewer-favorite mattress pad will not only make your bed feel more luxurious, but will also protect your mattress from spills and everyday wear-and-tear. "From the first night, it exceeded all my hopes and dreams," one person wrote. "I was able to sleep again. It doesn't slip off, even with my tossing and turning, and it stays cool."


These Battery-Operated Fairy Lights That Have So Many Creative Uses

Dainty and whimsical, these battery-powered string lights make it easy to add a touch of magic to so many different areas in your home. Consisting of 300 tiny LED bulbs dotted along a thin, 16-foot copper wire, the thoughtful design features a foot of clear cord between the copper wire and the white cord and battery box, making it easy to hide the ugly parts without compromising the look of the lights.


These Velvet Throw Pillow Covers To Add A Pop Of Color To Your Space

Made of rich, sumptuous velvet and available in a veritable rainbow of gorgeous colors, these throw pillow covers will give your space a major update without requiring any effort. Despite costing less than $15 for a set of two, reviewers are blown away by their high quality, giving them more than 5,000 perfect five-star reviews on Amazon thus far.

  • Available sizes: 8
  • Available colors: 33


A Set Of Magnetic Curtain Tiebacks That Are Both Functional & Pretty

Powerful magnets allow these curtain tiebacks to hold back even the heaviest drapes without a visible clip or tie. Covered in tiny faux pearls for a pretty, vintage look, they're available in four colors, making it easy to find an option that complements your existing decor.

  • Available colors: 4


These Top-Rated Drawer Organizers That Reviewers Are Obsessed With

These organizers will forever change the way your drawers of socks, underwear, swimwear, and other small garments look — and more importantly, how they function. Sold in a four-piece set that can be arranged in various ways to fit your drawer, each of the organizers is made of a durable, moisture-resistant fabric and has compartments of different sizes.


This Silky-Soft Sheet Set That's Ridiculously Popular

It's worth paying attention when something as seemingly mundane as this sheet set garners well over 65,000 enthusiastic reviews on Amazon. Made of smooth, wrinkle-resistant microfiber, the sheets are known for being durable, well-made, and luxuriously soft. The set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two standard pillow cases, and comes in lots of pretty colors and prints.

  • Available sizes: 7
  • Available colors/prints: 45


A Surprisingly Easy Way To Backlight Your TV

Backlighting your TV with these LED strip lights will make your whole media setup seem so much more impressive. The lights are dotted along four adhesive-backed strips, which are easy to install on the back of your TV, and they light up in 32 vibrant colors and six levels of brightness, both of which are easy to adjust using the included remote or a manual control box.


This Wireless Phone Charger That Doubles As A Convenient Stand

Of the 42,000 Amazon shoppers who rated Anker's best-selling wireless charger, a full 90% left positive feedback, resulting in an impressive 4.6-star overall rating. It not only charges your phone faster than most of its competitors, but also doubles as a handy stand so you can watch videos while your device charges. It's worth noting that some older smart phones aren't compatible with wireless charging, so before ordering, it's a good idea to check if yours supports the feature.


These Antibacterial Shelf Liners That'll Keep Your Fridge So Much Cleaner

Once you've outfitted your fridge with these shelf liners from Gorilla Grip, you'll wonder how you ever managed to live without them. The waterproof, slip-resistant liners are antibacterial, which helps prevent germs from building up, and taking them out for cleaning is so much easier than scrubbing the actual shelves. They come pre-cut in two common refrigerator sizes, but if those don't fit your fridge, the liners are easy to trim with scissors.


An Easy Way To Remove Scuffs, Grime, & Other Messes From Surfaces & Walls

Whether you have crayon marks and scuffs on your walls, stains and grease burns on your stovetop, or some other sort of hard-to-clean mess, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers will get rid of whatever it is like magic (hence its name). These are sold in a pack of 10, and fun fact, can also be used to keep white sneakers looking brand new.


These Best-Selling LED Plug-Ins To Light Your Path When The House Is Dark

During your next late-night trip to the bathroom or kitchen, you'll be glad to have installed these LED lights in your hallways so you don't trip in the dark. Sold in packs of six, the small plug-in lights automatically turn on when they sense it's getting dark around dusk, then turn back off at dawn when the sun comes up.


This Rainfall Shower Head That’s Easy To Install

Upgrade your shower with this rainfall showerhead — it’ll make you feel like you’re in a fancy hotel or spa. The showerhead measures 12 inches and has an 11 inch arm, and comes in three finishes: chrome, bronze, or nickel. This doesn’t even require any tools to be installed, so it couldn’t be any easier to transform your shower in a few minutes.


A Portable Dehumidifier That's Tiny, Yet Impressively Effective

This mini dehumidifier seems almost too good to be true. Compact enough to fit in a small cabinet or glovebox, it runs cord-free, so you can use it in anywhere, and the rechargeable battery lasts for up to a month between charges. Most importantly, reviewers are blown away by how powerful it is despite its tiny size — no wonder it's a number-one best-seller (with over 3,500 glowing reviews) on Amazon.


A Space-Saving Alternative To A Power Strip

Wall outlets are precious real estate in many homes, so why not make the most of yours with this space-saving plug-in? It not only adds four extra AV outlets and two USB ports to any standard wall outlet, but also doubles as an LED nightlight (which is optional, and can be set to only turn on when it senses that it's dark out.)


These Durable Steel Hangers That Hold 8 Tank Tops At Once

Save space and prevent strappy camis and tank tops from slipping onto your closet floor with these ingenious tank top hangers. Sold in a pack of two, the powder-coated steel hangers are impressively sturdy and durable, so your investment will definitely pay off over time. "I was surprised by the quality, especially for the price," one reviewer noted. "They are made of heavy-duty metal, nothing flimsy about them."


An Easy-To-Use Touch-Up Kit For Wood Furniture & Floors

Refinishing wood furniture is a huge project to tackle, but you can spruce up your favorite pieces in minutes with this ingenious wood touchup kit. Designed to permanently cover cover blemishes, scuffs, nicks in wood, or wood veneer, the 12-piece kit comes with six repair markers and six wax sticks in a range of shades to match popular wood finishes like maple, cherry, or oak.


This Down-Alternative Comforter Reviewers Are Obsessed With

Amazon reviewers are known for being hyper-enthusiastic. Still, their enthusiasm for this down-alternative comforter is pretty remarkable — based on feedback from over 60,000 shoppers, the $30 comforter has an impressive 4.5-star rating, plus more than 15,000 glowing reviews. Fans say it's lightweight yet warm, and stays soft and "as fluffy as a cloud" even after it's been machine-washed (yep, you can do that.) It's also reversible, and has loops at the corners to keep a duvet cover in place.

  • Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Oversized Queen, King, California King, Oversized King


An $11 Set Of Satin Pillowcases With Over 80,000 Five-Star Ratings

Sold in a set of two, these popular satin pillowcases will not only give your bed a luxe, extravagant look, but compared to regular pillowcases, sleeping on silk or satin is also far gentler on your skin and hair. Plus, just look at all the gorgeous colors you get to choose from.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 23


These Easy-To-Install LED Strips That Make Custom Lighting Easy — & Don't Need To Be Plugged In

A number-one best-seller on Amazon, these wireless LED lights make it easy to create customized lighting just about anywhere in your home — closets, hallways, under a cabinet, above the kitchen sink ... you get the idea. Sold in a two-pack, the slim, adhesive-backed light strips have rechargeable batteries, and can either be turned on and off manually or with a motion sensor.


These Bags Of Air-Purifying Bamboo Charcoal That Absorb Odors, Moisture, & More

Sold in a pack of four, these bags of bamboo charcoal are among the most effective air-purifying, odor-absorbing, mildew-preventing products on the market — and they do it all naturally, without using any chemicals. Plus, they hardly ever need to be replaced: Once a month for upkeep, place the bags in the sun to reactivate the charcoal, and they'll be good as new for up to two years.


These Smart Plugs So You Can Double-Check If You Turned Off Your Curling Iron — From Your Phone

Even if you're not ready to outfit your entire home in "smart" devices, these nifty smart plugs are still worth considering. Attach one to a regular outlet, and you'll be able to remotely control anything you plug in using an app (or with voice commands if you have a smart hub like Google Home or Alexa). You can also use the app to set timers and set up schedules, so your holiday lights automatically turn on at dusk, for example, or so your hair straightener only stays on for an hour.


An Attractive Way To Prevent Electrical Cords From Devolving Into A Tangled Mess

When it comes to curating a modern home, cords are a necessary evil — but thanks to this cord organizer, that doesn't mean they have to create a tangled, messy eyesore. Made of durable, fireproof hard plastic, the rectangular box has small openings at each side to let cords enter and exit. It'll not only make your home look better, but also helps keep curious pets or kids from harm's way.

  • Available styles: 3


This Top-Rated Throw Blanket That's Ridiculously Soft & Plush

Luxurious and expensive-looking, this throw blanket has faux fur on one side, faux sherpa on the other. It's an effortless way to layer rich texture into any space, whether you choose a neutral hue or a vibrant pop of color. Plus, while it looks amazing, it arguably feels even better — more than one reviewer called it the softest blanket they've ever felt, and it's even Amazon's pick for "the softest blanket in the world."

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 21


An Organizer For Your Charging Cables So You Always Know Where They Are

While you're tackling the whole tangled cord issue, it's worth investing in this cable organizer, too. Designed with adhesive backing so you can place it anywhere, it'll keep all your USB charging cables neat and easy to access. It's a good idea to buy two, so you can keep one by your desk and another near your bedside.

  • Available colors: 2


This Fan-Favorite Bath Mat Made Of Thick, Cushy Memory Foam

People are nothing short of obsessed with this memory foam bath mat, having awarded it a 4.6-star rating and more than 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon thus far. It not feels incredibly plush and cushy on your feet, but is also surprisingly absorbent and quick to dry. Plus, it comes in lots of sizes, colors, and prints, so you'll definitely be able to find one that works well in your bathroom.

  • Available sizes: 8
  • Available colors/prints: 30


This Automatic Soap Dispenser That's So Much More Sanitary

When you think about it, the pump handle on most soap is probably pretty gross; after all, literally everyone who touches it needs to wash their hands. This automatic soap dispenser is a far more sanitary option — and besides, it'll make your bathroom feel so luxurious and high-tech. A best-seller with well over 4,000 glowing reviews, it runs on batteries, so you don't need to worry about where to plug it in.


A Budget-Friendly Humidifier That's Thoughtfully Designed & Built To Last

Earning an impressive 13,000 (!!!) five-star reviews on Amazon, this cool mist humidifier stands out from other models in its price range because it's quiet, easy to use, and most notably, super dependable. Featuring two mist settings and a 1.5-liter capacity, it'll run continuously for up to 16 hours, and when the water runs low, it'll shut off automatically. People also love the optional LED night light, and how the tank is super easy to refill and clean.


A Durable Steel Storage Rack For Your Cooking Pans

Pulling out or putting away a cooking pan will cause so much less frustration — not to mention less clatter — with this ingenious organizer rack. Made of durable steel, it's easy to set up either vertically or horizontally, and can hold up to five pans at once. Plus, keeping your pans separated will also help prevent scratches!

  • Available colors: 2


This Essential Oil Diffuser That Doubles As Decor

Aromatherapy is by far one of the easiest and most effective ways to tweak the ambience in your home — and when it comes to which diffuser to buy, this model is a clear winner. Unlike most other essential oil diffusers, this one looks minimalist and chic, so it can easily double as decor.


A Gliding Wire Basket To Make The Most Out Of Your Under-Sink Storage Space

This sliding wire drawer lets you utilize every square inch of potential storage space in your home — even that hard-to-reach area in the back of your cabinets. Ideal for under the sink in the kitchen or bathroom, it's made of epoxy-coated steel and comes in a variety of configurations to fit almost any space. "The rolling/gliding function is very smooth and the basket holds well even when fully extended," one reviewer noted.

  • Available styles: 4
  • Available colors: 2


A Compact Cutlery Organizer That Reviewers Call "Ingenious"

A smart design helps this cutlery organizer save you a ton of drawer space without sacrificing functionality. Its four compartments overlap slightly, allowing you to store six to eight sets of dinnerware in half the space required for a typical cutlery organizer. Reviewers are totally impressed, having awarded it over 5,000 five-star reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

  • Available sizes/styles: 4
  • Available colors: 3


A Sturdy Aluminum Stand That Brings Your Laptop Up To Eye-Level

A must for anyone who needs a home office, but doesn't exactly have the space, this adjustable laptop stand will hold your screen at eye-level so you won't have to hunch over your coffee table as you're working. Being able to tweak the height of your laptop is especially great for Zoom meetings and other video calls, and after work, it can be pretty handy when you're streaming your favorite shows, too.

  • Available colors: 2


These Best-Selling Memory Foam Pillows Made With Breathable, Cooling Bamboo

Ideal for hot sleepers, these best-selling pillows have hypoallergenic, breathable bamboo cases and are stuffed with shredded, bamboo memory foam that stays cool throughout the night. Shredded memory conforms to the shape of your body while still being supportive, making these particularly great for side sleepers, too. Plus, the pillows are pretty cheap for a two-pack, and the cases are machine washable, so you can keep them nice for years.


A Wifi-Enabled Lightbulb That Makes It Easy To Set The Mood

Installing a dimmer switch is a fairly big project, but swapping out your light bulb for this smart one accomplishes the same thing in seconds. Plus, you can do a lot more with the bulb besides adjust its brightness: Using the companion app or a smart hub like Alexa or Google Assistant, you can control your lights remotely, set schedules, or even switch your bulb's color to almost any imaginable hue.


This Popular Mini Waffle Maker That's More Versatile Than You'd Think

Even if you thought you didn't need a mini waffle maker, the sheer popularity of this one will probably make you reconsider. Nearly 100,000 shoppers rated it, and it still has a 4.7-star average — how often do that many people agree on something? Beyond the fact that it's ridiculously easy to use and clean, part of its appeal is that it's surprisingly versatile. In addition to mini waffles, people report using it to make everything from paninis to personal pizzas.

  • Available colors: 19


This Plush Memory Foam Mattress Topper That's Infused With Relaxing Lavender Oil

Reviewers can't get enough of the LUCID mattress topper — it's been awarded more than 6,000 glowing reviews and a 4.5-star average on Amazon. Made of soft, plush memory foam with textured pressure points to maximize comfort, it's infused with lavender essential oil, which is known for its calming aromatherapeutic properties.

  • Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, California King
  • Available styles: 2-inch thickness or 3-inch thickness; lavender or gel


These Ingenious Corner Grippers That Prevent Rugs From Slipping Or Curling At The Edges

These rug grippers work when the typical rug pad won't. Made with an ultra sticky gel, they're designed to stick to the corners of your rug, keeping it in place on the floor and preventing curling at the edges. They're also washable, reusable, and won't leave behind a gunky residue, so you can count on using them for years.


This Memory Foam Wedge Pillow That Fans Say Is A Total Game-Changer

Reviewers say this wedge pillow is nothing short of life-changing, especially for those who suffer from chronic back or neck pain, sinus or digestive problems, sleep apnea, or a variety of others conditions. Even if you don't, though, the plush memory foam pillow is incredibly comfortable and supportive, and can make it a lot more pleasant to watch TV, read, or scroll through social media in bed.


A Wall Outlet Cover With A Handy Built-In Shelf

Not only will this turn your wall outlet into six, but it also creates a handy shelf to hold whatever it is you're charging — phone, tablet, speaker ... you get the idea. It functions as an adjustable night light, too.


A Bamboo Stand For Your Books & Tablets

Made of eco-friendly bamboo, this book and tablet stand will come in handy so much more often than you think. It’ll be especially ideal for when you’re following the recipe from a cookbook, but it’s also great for Zoom calls, studying, and reading. This would be a great gift for a student, too.


This Chic Marble Stove Cover To Increase Your Counter Space

If you’re low on counter space in your kitchen (or could simply always use more), invest in this stove burner cover from Trademark Innovations. It can be used as a cutting and prepping board, or you can use it to serve buffet-style meals or charcuterie from your kitchen, too.


These Nifty Racks That Create Extra Storage Space Under Cabinets & Shelves

These ingenious storage racks are designed to slide under any shelf or cabinet, making the most of vertical space that would most likely be wasted otherwise. Sold in a pack of two, they're made of durable metal with a silver or white finish. Just be sure to measure the base of your cabinet or shelf before purchasing — if it's thicker than 1.125 inches, the rack won't fit.

  • Available colors: 2


A Customizable Shelf That'll Fit Under Your Kitchen Sink

Make the most of that awkward storage space under your sink with this thoughtfully designed storage shelf. Its width can be adjusted to fit the space you have, and the placement of its shelves can be customized, making it easy to avoid pipes and other obstacles. Reviewers say assembly is a breeze, and that the shelf is easy to clean and surprisingly spacious.


An Ingenious Way To Prevent Crumbs From Falling Into That Hard-To-Reach Gap Between Your Fridge & Stove

Nothing's more frustrating than watching crumbs drop in that space between your counter and stove — it's impossible to clean down there! Sold in a two-pack, these silicone covers nip the problem in the bud. They're heat-safe, smudge-resistant, and easy to clean, and since they come in three colors — black, white, or clear — they blend in surprisingly well with your appliances.

  • Available colors: 3


These Sturdy Magnetic Spice Racks That Can Hold An Impressive Amount Of Stuff

These magnetic storage racks are technically marketed as spice racks that attach to your fridge or microwave, but they'd also be great for a lot of other things, such as cleaning supplies, pet treats, or laundry products. Sold in a set of two, the spacious racks have six hooks below their shelves to hang utensils, kitchen towels, et cetera.


An Adjustable Organizer To Keep Your Food Container Lids Neat

If the lids to your food storage containers seem to defy every attempt to keep them neat, you need this nifty lid organizer, pronto. The durable plastic tray can fit lids of any size up to 9 inches wide, and the position of its five dividers can be adjusted, making it easy to create a separate compartment for each type of lid.


An Insulated Door Draft Stopper That'll Save You Money On Utilities

Keep the temperature in your house comfortable — and save money on utility bills — with this nifty door draft stopper. Sold in pack of two, the insulated strips can easily be trimmed to fit any door, and are a breeze to install with the included adhesive tape. Plus, they'll keep spiders and insects out of the house, too.


A Cushy, Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat With Over 3,500 Five-Star Reviews

Once you own Gorilla Grip's popular Kangaroo floor mat, you'll wonder how you ever managed to survive without it. A must for anyone who doesn't have a dishwasher at home, the cushy anti-fatigue mat is ergonomically engineered to keep you comfortable while standing for prolonged periods of time — it'll be a game-changer when you're washing dishes, folding laundry, or even styling your hair in the morning.


These Ingenious Clip-On Dividers So You Can Make The Most Out Of Your Shelf Space

Designed to clip directly onto an existing shelf and create smaller sections, these shelf dividers make it easy to keep items like clothing or towels neatly stacked. Made of durable polymer and measuring 12 inches tall, the dividers are sold in an affordable set of two. "These shelf dividers have made it possible to put twice as many things on my shelves," one happy reviewer summed up.


These Felt Covers For Furniture Legs To Protect Your Floors From Scratches

Protect your furniture and your floors with these felt-bottomed furniture leg covers — sure, they're not exactly the most exciting thing to buy, but years from now, you'll be glad you made the investment when your wood floors still look pristine. The covers come in a 16-piece set of various shapes and sizes; choose from several color options to get the best match for your furniture.

  • Available colors: 4


A Magnetic Door Screen To Let In Fresh Air, But Not Bugs

With this magnetic screen door, you won't have to worry about bugs sneaking in the house every time you open the door. Made of durable fiberglass mesh with a split center held shut by two strips of powerful magnets, it's sturdy enough to stay put, but not too difficult for pets or kids to get through.


An Air Purifier That Can Be Used With Essential Oils

Like any good air purifier, this one will keep the air in your home clear of common allergens and contaminants, including pet hair, pollen, and smoke. But unlike most other air purifiers, this can be used with essential oils to make your home smell amazing (in a not-artificial way). Another cool feature? It lights up blue, so it functions as a night light, too.

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