5 Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

We’re not exactly sure when it transformed from a simple social sharing site into our generation’s predominant source of self-esteem, but like it or not, when it comes to Instagram, popularity is valued highly. Sure, it feels good when people interact with your content, but the engagement levels on your account can be legitimately important, both personally and professionally. People use Instagram to judge social currency and relevancy, so the amount of interaction happening or not happening on your profile can be significant. Here, 5 ways to better engage.


Showcase Other Accounts

With so much content out there, those who aren't your friends need a compelling reason to add you to their feed. By showcasing other accounts on a regular basis, you become a discovery tool instead of just another original content stream. To be most effective, make these posts regular and themed, creating a franchise of sorts for yourself.


Create A Hashtag

This one goes hand-in-hand with showcasing other accounts. Creating and sharing a unique hashtag allows you to source specific user-generated content that will add value to your feed. It also provides another way people can interact with you, whether they follow you or not.


Engage With Your Followers

The more you like and comment on your followers' photos, the more they reciprocate, increasing engagement levels on your account. This starts a cycle of growth: The more comments you have, the more likely people are to comment, and so on and so forth.


Engage With Hashtags You Like

Look for hashtags that interest you, and comment on the photos associated with those hashtags. Chances are you'll gain a couple of new followers each time you do this.


Followers Plus

Disclaimer: This tip might not be great for those already prone to obsessively monitoring their Instagram engagement. However, using the Followers + app can be helpful in tracking growth and learning what works for your feed and what doesn't.