The 5 Best Places To Shop If You’re Obsessed With Minimalist Decor

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Minimalism isn't exclusively about choosing between which shade of white to paint your walls. While creating a simple, uncluttered living space is at the forefront of the movement, the aesthetic also puts focus on the objects you do have in your home. Think of your space as a museum: When the backdrop is clean and neutral, anything on display sings. Ergo, choosing which minimalist home decor stores you shop from is so much more important when you know you'll have less decor in general.

When your house is typically where you keep everything you own, how does one achieve a minimalist look at home? It really depends on what the aesthetic means to you — and more so why you're trying to go about it. Are you drawn to minimalism for clean design, crisp lines, and Scandinavian shapes? Or do you just want to decorate more thoughtfully, and create a more powerful visual impact through a clean space?

Fortunately, it's okay if you want both. There isn't a wrong way to go about minimalist decor, and listed below are five stores that offer up some of the best. Whether you just want a carefree and clean space or a home where every single object is streamlined and multifunctional, exploring these five home decor stores will get you started on — or help you continue — building your own minimalist living space.

1. Jenni Kayne

Jenni Kayne

Any brand that can successfully pull off minimalist holiday decor deserves to be first on this list — though that isn't the only reason Jenni Kayne is cherry-picked from the internet's endless array of home decor stores. The brand's California-meets-Scandinavia style of minimalism is relaxed, breezy, and clean; it's the perfect jumping-off point for anyone looking to swap out busy decor they already own for pieces in Jenni Kayne's comfortably neutral palette.

2. HAY


Minimalists across America celebrated when the Danish design brand HAY opened up brick-and-mortar stores in Portland and Costa Mesa, California. A colorfully minimalist store that highlights designers and won't cost you an entire paycheck each shopping trip? If you're like HAY's 1.1 million Instagram followers, you're probably ready to sign up; non-West Coast residents can shop all of HAY's sleek designs online, no flight to Oregon necessary. While the brand does offer seriously cool furniture, HAY's inexpensive home decor and streamlined accessories may be even cooler — like this brass chip clip with a built in measuring spoon that'll make mornings that much simpler.

3. Finnish Design Shop

But what do you do if the gorgeously minimalist Nordic store that caught your eye online doesn't ship to the U.S.? Check Finnish Design Shop. The online retailer offers you the chance to score pieces it's difficult to find anywhere else online, let alone in American brick-and-mortars. Feast your eyes on String Furniture, Woodnotes, and the Danish brand Muuto's designs.

4. Menu

Menu states online that its goal is to "make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to." And at that, they definitely succeed. Menu has the type of minimalist decor that those who have long-embraced the aesthetic will fall in love with: It's sculptural, intriguing, and incredibly clean, to the point that choosing between white and black marble for a lamp's base may feel a touch elaborate.

5. MoMA Design Store

MoMA Design Store

By now, you're probably well aware of writer Marie Kondo's minimalist mantra of only keeping objects in your home that make you happy. If you're in need of some joy-sparking decor, shop the home section at the Museum of Modern Art's Design Store. The store specializes in decor that seems one-of-a-kind and, while minimalist, still are statement pieces. (At the very least, finding a sale on anything by Nendo's renowned designer and minimalist Oki Sato sparks some serious joy.)

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