36 Clever Things That Make Your Home Look Way More Stylish For Less Than $60 On Amazon

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Life is in the details, and choosing the right home accessories that are aesthetically pleasing and make sense for the size of your space is a joyful, yet time-consuming task. When you think of switching up your decor or adding luxurious touches to your home, Amazon probably isn't the first retailer you think of — but in fact, it's full of clever, well-designed things that make your home look way more stylish, usually at affordable price points, too. Take the 36 products on this list, for example, which all ring up at $60 or, in most cases, way less.

Many of these stylish home items are just as functional as they are easy on the eyes. Some offer sleek storage solutions, save you time, or up your home technology's capabilities. Others will make your space feel cozier and more relaxing, with the right lighting or some aromatherapy. Whatever their features, these products aim to improve the quality of the time you spend at home, without taking away from its aesthetic.

A space that reflects your style while meeting your needs is the best place to call home, and these 36 stylish products from Amazon will help you create exactly that.


A Modern Alternative To Towel Racks

This free-standing storage ladder barely takes up space and offers a beautiful alternative to towel racks and hooks. The minimalist metal ladder is also versatile enough to be used in the living room to store throws, or even in the bedroom to hang up tomorrow's outfit and accessories.


A Sleek Charging Station For Your Favorite Apple Products

This charging dock could be mistaken for a sleek display case, when in fact it's very functional: It can juice up your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Air Pods, simultaneously. Its neat design keeps cords tucked away and your tabletop clutter-free. It also comes in four finishes, including black and rose gold, to fit in seamlessly with your interiors.


Scented Drawer Liners That Look And Smell Like A Lush Bouquet

Give your storage spaces a luxurious upgrade with these fragrant liners. The drawer accessories come in three floral prints, each with a corresponding scent, like Gardenia or Royal Bloom. Made from quality, heavy-stock paper, the liners can be cut to fit any drawer size and will stay put, without the need for adhesives. The long-lasting scent will freshen up linen closets, bathroom shelves and clothing drawers with a burst of color and charm.


Organizer Boxes That Keep Unsightly Cables Out Of View

Modern homes are filled with technology, but the mess of cables that come with those devices can be kept out of sight with these cable organizer boxes. The set includes a large, medium, and small box, each equipped with slots at either end to allow cables to sneak through. The boxes have click-lock lids that provide easy access for adults while keeping pets and little ones deterred.


An Enchanting Cascade of LED Lights

Bring a touch of whimsy into any room with these LED window curtain lights. Measuring 9.8 feet wide with strands that are 6.6 feet long, the "curtain" is made up of 300 LED bulbs, which give off a warm white glow. There are eight settings to choose from, including twinkling and fade. The lights are also safe to use outside and make for a gorgeous garden canopy.


A Pillowcase That Keeps Your Hair And Skin Healthy

This Alaska Bear pillowcase is as close as you'll get to actual beauty sleep. Unlike cotton, silk won't absorb the moisture from your skin and hair, and it's also gentler, which means no more pillow lines, tangles, breakage, or knots. This luxurious silk pillowcase is made from 100% organic mulberry silk, and has a convenient hidden zipper to keep it snug on your pillow. Get it in 40 colors and patterns like beige (pictured), white, marble, or silver.


A Rotating Carousel That Can Hold Your Entire Skin Care Collection

If you love beauty rituals as much as you love a clean bathroom counter, this rotating makeup organizer is for you. The organizer is split into four compartments and comes with adjustable partitions so you can accommodate cosmetics of all sizes. The top of the carousel has space for nail polishes, makeup brushes, and any other small items, like pots of eyeshadow or eye cream.


A Magnetic Kitchen Organizer That Keeps Your Most Used Items On Hand

This kitchen rack has a magnetic backing that will stick to any metal surface, like your refrigerator, to keep spices, oils, and other kitchen tools right within reach. In addition to shelves, it comes with six hooks you can use to hang spatulas and oven mitts. Plus, there are some extra, thoughtful touches, like a paper towel holder and a wooden rod for your dish towels.


A Smart Light Bulb That Changes Hues To Fit Your Mood

With these smart bulbs, you can change the hue, set the mood, or dim the lights using Bluetooth technology. The bulb is compatible with Alexa-enabled Echo devices, Google Assistant, or with the help of the Philips Hue App. If you install several lightbulbs throughout a room, you can use the app to select preset lighting moods, like Tropical Twilights or Soho, and the lights will adjust themselves to create the perfect atmosphere. You can also put your lights on a schedule, which is a good security measure for when you're on vacation.


A Cold Brew Coffee Maker That’s Also A Design Piece

As practical as it is design-savvy, this cold brew coffee maker brews less acidic coffee overnight, so you can stay refreshed and caffeinated all throughout the next day. Available in two sizes, the glass coffee maker has a chemistry set-inspired aesthetic, and the airtight engineering means your joe will stay fresh in the fridge for up to two weeks.


A Compact Sink Caddy For A More Sanitary And Organized Kitchen

This stainless steel sink caddy has room for your dishwashing soap, brushes, and sponges, as well as a sloped draining tray to keep mildew and bacteria at bay. Coated stainless steel keeps smudges from forming, and the organizer can be disassembled into three easy-to-wash parts.


A Minimalist Smart Speaker With A New Aesthetic

The 3rd generation Echo Dot speaker packs a lot of functionality in a small, round package. With 360-degree sound, it has better audio quality than previous generations. It can even link up with other Alexa-enabled Echo devices to create the effect of surround sound. It also has a softer fabric design making it look and feel more upscale; plus it's available in four colors, like plum and charcoal gray. Alexa's capabilities are growing too, and you can use your Echo Dot to make lists, set timers, add events to your social calendar, and dim your lights.


A Set of Color-Coded Cutting Boards To Make Food Prep A Cinch

This set of four color-coded cutting boards comes in a sleek stainless steel or graphite gray case for easy storage. Each board has a small tab with an icon, like a carrot or a fish, that designates its purpose and make it easy to pull out exactly the board you need. The boards have crumb-catching edges and a non-slip bottom, and are dishwasher-safe.


A Futuristic Toilet Brush That Stays Clean By Itself

The D-shaped design of the Joseph Joseph flex toilet brush allows for a much more thorough and sanitary scrub than the standard toilet brush. The flexible silicone head can reach all areas, even under the rim. The wide-spaced bristles won't trap dirt, are easy to clean, and are drip-resistant. After use, just return the brush to its discreet, slim holder.


An Expandable Cutting Board That Also Saves Space

Made from 100% sustainably-sourced bamboo, this stovetop cover functions as a chopping board and a space-saver. The versatile board has four detachable legs that can be adjusted to accommodate stovetops or fit over sinks to create more room for meal prep. The board is lined with grooves to catch tomato juice and any other liquids, which makes cleanup a snap.


A Multipurpose Kitchen Caddy That Doubles As A Tablet Stand

You'll be amazed at how often you'll reach for this multi-purpose kitchen caddy. Made from stainless steel, the stand can be used to store kitchen utensils — like a spoon and pot lid — or prop up a cooking book (or your iPad). The slim design won't take up a ton of kitchen space, but is sturdy enough to support lids and spatulas without tipping over.


A Pure Himalayan Salt Block For Cooking & Serving

Impart your meat, fish, veggies, and more with the flavor of Himalayan salt with this gorgeous salt block. This slab of pure Himalayan salt sits on a stainless steel tray, so you can set it over your grill or gas range and cook your food directly on the block. Then, bring the whole thing straight to the table as a cutting board and serving platter. The salt itself is infused with naturally disinfectant properties, so to clean it, just wipe it down with a wet cloth.


Clever Lights That Turn On Automatically When You Get Up At Night

This motion-activated LED light strip is essentially a nightlight for sophisticated grownups. The 5-foot-long device is easy to attach to the bottom of your bed frame and will turn on automatically if you get up in the middle of the night. To add to the smart features, the lights can be programmed to shut off automatically, 30 seconds to 10 minutes later.


A Tablet Stand That You Can Install Anywhere

This versatile tablet stand can be used on your kitchen counter, mounted on a wall, or under cabinets. Along with an upright stand, it comes with two additional mounting bases, so you can have a dedicated place to put your device in multiple rooms. The useful holder fits most 7- to 13-inch tablets and will allow you to rotate them 360 degrees for optimal viewing from any angle.


Floating Shelves Made For Framed Prints And Photographs

This set of floating shelves has a small ledge that will keep framed photos and prints in place, without taking away from their beauty. The 15-inch shelves are also a modern way to display heirlooms and trinkets. Though they look as light as air, each shelf can hold up to 11 pounds.


A Shelf To Cozy Up Your Entryway

Keep your keys, tote bags, and other accessories within reach and on display with this solid wood shelf. The dark walnut finish will warm up an entryway, and the shelf has five wooden hooks in addition to a small ledge for your wallet, a dog leash, or any outgoing mail.


Wireless LED Strips To Shed Extra Light Where You Need It

Create customized lighting in closets, drawers, or anywhere that could use extra illumination with these slim wireless LED lights. The two-pack comes with an adhesive backing or an optional magnet so they can easily adhere to any flat surface. Best of all, the battery is rechargeable and the lights can be turned on and off manually, or set to motion sensor mode.


The Softest Throw Blanket That's Sold In 20 Colors

Made from super soft microfiber, this luxurious faux fur throw is a beautiful design element that will also keep you cozy on cool nights. Available in a variety of classic colors (like brown, teal, ivory, and gray), the throw is also low maintenance — it's machine washable in cold water and can be tumble dried on low.


A Digital Alarm Clock Loaded With Special Features

This sleek LED alarm clock makes a major design statement, but it doesn’t skimp on function. Among its many capabilities, this clock can project the time onto a wall; automatically adjust the brightness to suit your environment; has dual alarms (handy if you and your partner wake up at different times); and the crystal-clear LED screen doubles as a mirror. You’re getting so much bang for your buck with this gadget.


An Elegant, Fabric-Lined Organizer For Your Sunglasses

This faux leather storage case is a smart way to store and organize your collection of sunnies. Available in five colors and an alligator skin finish, each box has eight deep, cloth-lined compartments that will fit most oversized sunglasses. Secure the lid with the classic gold metal clasp and your accessories will remain protected.


A Contemporary Twist On Corner Shelves

This five-tier shelf adds flair and storage space to those empty corners you've always wanted to do something with. Fill it with cascading plants for a green nook, or tuck it next to an armchair for a modern book display. Available in seven finishes, including natural wood and white, the wall-mount shelf is easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware.


A Soothing Essential Oil Diffuser That Can Last Up To 10 Hours

With more than 1,500 reviews, this essential oil diffuser is highly recommended by many Amazon reviewers who report that the "little gem" is as lovely as it is functional. Besides filling your space with relaxing or uplifting scents, it can also be used as a humidifier. Thanks to its massive 300-milliliter tank, the aromatherapy device can run continuously for up to 10 hours. Choose from seven color modes to complement its soothing mist.


A Magnetic Steel Bar That Keeps Knives In Place

Give your kitchen a professional makeover with this stainless steel knife bar. It will keep cooking tools organized and on hand without using up precious counter space. It's easy to install, and the magnetic strip can also be used to store spices next to the stove, or to hang up items that you always need but tend to lose within the depths of your drawers, like spatulas, ladles, and scissors.


A Polished Rolling Cart To Store Everything From Glassware To Towels

This vintage-inspired metal rolling cart will fit right in with any home decor, from industrial-chic to modern and classic. Use it in the kitchen to stack and display dishes, or in the bathroom to store fluffy towels and keep beauty essentials organized. The three-tiered white cart would also be perfect as a bar cart at cocktail parties. Each tray is 3 inches deep, so it can safely accommodate tall items, like bottles and stemware.


A Simple Hanging Organizer To Keep Small Essentials Within Reach

Made from a blend of cotton and linen, this hanging storage bag has five pockets, each big enough to hold your phone, a small notebook, and any other items that tend to disappear around the house. The panel is water-resistant and could also be used as a beauty organizer in the bathroom.


An Organizer For Your Hair Tools With A Clever Place To Hide An Extension Cord

This organizer has three deep compartments to fit styling wands, a hairdryer, brushes, and any other styling tools you often use. The matte black cubby also has a long compartment that you can use for styling products, or to hide an extension cord so you can plug in your hot tools. Place the caddy close to a mirror, and you'll have a mini salon right in your home.


These Cheerful Ceramic Baskets For Your Snacks

These vibrant ceramic baskets are an adorable way to set out snacks — like fruit, nuts, or baby carrots — for guests. The glazed stoneware is microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and a set of four includes one of each color pictured.


A Color-Changing LED Backlight To Enhance Your Home Theater Experience

Once you install this LED light kit on the back of your TV it will emit a gorgeous glow onto the wall that you can adjust using an app or hands free with an Alexa-enabled or Google Home device. Backlit panels can help reduce eye strain and enhance overall image quality. Plus, you can use the dimmer feature to set the right mood for a dinner party, or to synchronize the lights to change with the beats of your music.


Sturdy, Minimalist Wood Hooks For Coats And Accessories

Made from solid wood, these modern, farmhouse-chic hooks are available in natural beech and walnut finishes. Each knob can hold up to 5 pounds, so you can use it to hang up heavy winter coats or grocery bags, or lighter-weight items like your keys. They're easy to install and come with the necessary mounting hardware, too.


A Wall-Mounted Makeup Mirror To Give Your Bathroom Five-Star Hotel Vibes

This wall-mounted brass beauty mirror has two sides — one true to life, the other with 7x magnification — for more precise makeup application. Both offer a glare- and shadow-free reflection and can be adjusted with 360-degree rotation. The two-part arm is easy to maneuver to change angles, which is handy when you're tweezing or styling your hair.


A Moon Lamp That Casts A Celestial Glow

This moon lamp was created by a 3-D printer, but what's perhaps even more incredible than that is the way the design mimics the shadows on the moon's surface. The light is adjustable for a warmer or cooler glow and also has a dimmer setting. The rechargeable battery will last at least eight hours, so you can enjoy a moonlit night even when it's cloudy.

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