These 45 Home Products On Amazon Are The Definition Of Brilliant
A woman sleeping in bed covered with a blanket

The definition of "brilliant home products" varies depending on who you ask. Different people have different priorities, as well as different around-the-house concerns that require solving. That said, countless reviewers have sung their praises when it comes to these genuinely useful products on Amazon that are creeping up the bestseller charts. They address and aim to correct some of the most common household needs and daily inconveniences, which is why buyers seemingly can't get enough of them.

Consider this flexible silicone squeegee: it fits in the palm of your hand and has a flat side as well as soft bristles, so you can scrub away toothpaste stains, watermarks, soap build-up, crumbs, stubborn stickers — all those mildly-irritating odd jobs, and all without sacrificing your fingernails. Buyers are also flocking to review these Baggy Racks, which hold plastic bags open while you pour, and this cheese melt pan, which allows you to add perfectly-melted cheese over any dish of your choice. Imagine never again having to deal with tea boxes cluttering up your cabinet, or having to throw out your favorite sweater due to too much pilling.

Put simply, these are some of the most popular home products on Amazon because they solve real problems and look chic and modern while doing so. Take a look at 45 of the most brilliant options here.


A Sleek, Square Diffuser With Various Mist Settings

Most essential oil diffusers aim to achieve a more traditional style — but the URPOWER diffuser utilizes square corners, a dark wood-grain base, and an enlarged LED light for a modern, chic statement piece. It also features a large-capacity tank that can run for up to 20 hours, as well as various ultrasonic mist modes that create a "great vapor output."


A Weighted Blanket That Can Help You Reduce Anxiety

Scientific evidence has shown the effectiveness of weighted blankets on participants' anxiety levels and overall relaxation, which is one of the many reasons why the Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket has reviewers raving. In addition to the nano-ceramic beads that evenly-distribute pressure, this blanket also boasts a soft fleece material, a cooling microfiber layer that allows for ventilation, and nine different size and weight options.


A Brilliant Stand To Keep Your Teas Organized And Accessible

If your tea cabinet is a mess of boxes and individual bags, consider investing in the YouCopia tea stand. This compact organizer includes 12 transparent bins that can be removed for cleaning and accessibility. It also stands upright in your cabinet and holds more than 100 tea bags simultaneously, which is why it has earned a 4.8-star rating and over 1,000 reviews.


A Shower Pad That Scrubs, Massages, And Exfoliates Your Feet

This shower foot scrubber has suction cups on the back and flexible silicone bristles on the front. As a result, you can scrub away dirt, exfoliate calloused skin, and massage tired feet without ever having to bend down in the shower. It also works alongside your favorite foot scrub or body wash, and reviewers say they "look forward [to using it] every day."


A Multi-Purpose Silicone Squeegee That "Makes Life So Much Easier"

It may look small and unassuming, but according to reviewers, the Umbra Flex multipurpose squeegee is in fact "one of those little things that makes life so much easier." This double-sided tool fits in the palm of your hand and is optimized for scrubbing, scraping, de-fogging, and cleaning various surfaces and stains. It's made from silicone, so it's durable, non-scratching, and dishwasher-safe.


A High-Density Foam Bath Mat That's Supportive And Absorbent

Cushion your feet while drying your hair, catch water droplets while washing your face, or provide non-slip protection while getting out of the shower. The Genteele mat does it all, thanks to its high-density memory foam interior, slip-resistant PVC-dot backing, and absorbent, quick-drying material. It's even machine washable and comes in four colors and two sizes.


A Set Of Soapstone Cubes That Chill Your Drink Without Diluting It

Rather than using traditional ice cubes (which melt), these Quiseen whiskey stones are made from a natural soapstone material that chills your drink without diluting it. They're reusable and store easily in your freezer — plus they come with a gift box and velvet carrying pouch. "Classy way to chill a glass of KY bourbon," reviewers rave.


The "Warmest And Coziest Blanket" Reviewers Have Ever Purchased

"This is the warmest and coziest blanket we have ever purchased," one reviewer raves about the Utopia Bedding Polar fleece. "We really put it to the test early, as we had only this blanket for our bed during the cold winter... We felt like we had our down comforter." Due to its double-brushed polyester and dual pile, it helps you to shake off the chill within minutes — and it has a classy sateen border, four available sizes, and five color options.


Extremely Affordable Microfiber Pillowcases That Feel Like Silk

Even though these pillowcases are made entirely from skin-friendly, machine-washable microfiber, reviewers say the material "feels like silk." For that reason, they're much gentler on your hair and face, but they're also resistant to fading, wrinkles, stains, and overheating. Last but absolutely not least, you can get two queen-sized cases for just $10 in various gorgeous colors.


This Handheld Device That Automatically Froths Any Kind Of Milk

Using two AA batteries, the Bonsenkitchen frother works alongside all kinds of milks (almond, cashew, coconut, regular, and more) to make it light and foamy. As a result, you can create cafe-style cappuccinos, lattes, and shakes right at home. In addition to its stainless-steel whisk and ergonomic handle, this tool is also BPA-free and features a simple one-touch operation.


A Mini USB Diffuser That Doubles As A Desktop Piece Of Art

It's easy to power, easy to transport, and easy to love. The Arespark mini humidifier works via USB and has an ultra-silent motor that adds hydration back into the air for your workspace, bedroom, or even car. It has an auto-off function to keep you safe and looks like a cute little house that fits effortlessly in your cup holder.


A Sleek Way To Keep Your Makeup Palettes Organized

Palettes consistently settle to the bottom of your drawers and bulk up your makeup bag — which is why the InterDesign Rain Vertical organizer is such a brilliant investment. This durable, textured stand features five individual sections for your shadows, bronzers, and blushes; due to its compact design, it stores easily in drawers or cabinets, but it's pretty enough that you may opt to display it on your vanity.


The Best Product Ever Invented For Preventing Clogged Drains

With an incredible 16,000 reviews, TubShroom has gotten its fair share of attention, and for a good reason. Its brilliant 3-D design, flexible silicone construction, and multi-tiered holes allow water to drain away while simultaneously catching every single hair. As a result, you can simply pull it out and wipe it clean — which is much more preferable than having to snake the drain or splurge on a plumber.


An Eco-Friendly, Sanitary Tongue Scraper Made From Pure Copper

Made from pure copper and fitted with two easy-grip handles, the WowE scraper removes plague, bacteria, and build-up from your tongue. It's also easy to sanitize and resists rust and mold — not to mention it's recyclable, eco-friendly, and certified cruelty-free. No wonder reviewers are calling it, "One of those things I didn't know I needed until I used it."


A Thoughtfully-Designed Scrub Brush For Your Utensils

Unlike your average scrub brush, the Joseph Joseph BladeBrush has a hinged design and durable opposing bristles that allow you to clean both sides of the utensil at once. They also allow you to wash knives safely and effortlessly get in between fork prongs, all in a few quick movements. Get it in green or black, and hang it on the side of the sink to dry.


A Power Hub That Optimizes Your Charging Space

Plug the Sabrent hub into any USB port and instantly gain four more. Each one supports data transfer speeds of up to 5 gigabytes per second for USB 3.0 devices, and is reverse-compatible for USB 1.1 and 2.0 devices, too. Best of all, it features individual LED-illuminated switches so you can cut off the flow of power without having to unplug the cord.


Adjustable Stands That Hold Open Your Plastic Bags

When you need an extra hand in the kitchen, but you're the only one home, Baggy Racks are "such a time-saver" and make food storage "easy and mess-free." Each one has adjustable clips and a sturdy base to hold bags open and upright while you fill them. They're ideal for sauce, soups, frostings, and vegetables, and the arms even fold flat for convenient storage.


A Digital Thermometer That Measures So Much More Than Just Meat

The GDEALER instant meat thermometer has a food-grade stainless steel probe and a digital face to give you accurate readings between -58 and 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Since it's waterproof and works in just two seconds, it's great for burgers, barbecue, and turkey — but it can also give you accurate readings for candy, cakes, frying oil, beer, and wine.


An Adjustable Prep Station That Extends Your Counter Space

If you're limited on counter space, make use of the prime real-estate over your sink with the Prepworks prep station. This multi-purpose kitchen tool has an extendable arm, a collapsible colander, and a built-in cutting board so you can chop, rinse, and store all your ingredients in an efficient fashion.


A Brilliant Curved Chopper That Works On The Cutting Board Or In The Bowl

Keep your fingers far away from sharp edges with the Chef'n lettuce chopper, which rocks on its serrated nylon blade to cut up all your ingredients at once. Since it's curved, it works well on a variety of surfaces — like in the serving bowl, so you don't even have to dirty a cutting board. You can easily clean it in the dishwasher, and reviewers say they'd "recommend it to anyone who loves salad."


A Rechargeable Scalp Massager With 84 Stimulating Nodes

According to reviewers, the LATME electric scalp massager is "the perfect size," "relaxing and enjoyable," and just might "change your life." It utilizes 84 nodes, a rechargeable motor, and four intensity settings to stimulate circulation and relieve tension anywhere on the body — but since it's waterproof and optimized for the scalp, it feels especially great when washing your hair.


A Reliable Luggage Scale That's A Must-Have For Frequent Flyers

Ensure that your luggage meets flight limitations before you're in line at the airport to check it. The Tarriss Jetsetter scale gives you an instant digital reading right down to a .2-pound accuracy — and in addition to suitcases and carry-ons, it also works for packages and household items.


Some Dryer Balls That Shorten Drying Time Without Harmful Chemicals

Unlike dryer sheets, Smart Sheep dryer balls can be used over and over again because they're made from genuine New Zealand wool, which is free from harmful additives and synthetic chemicals. These extra-large, eco-friendly laundry balls not only break up clothes to speed up drying time — they also soften fabric and keep static to a minimum, all while remaining skin-friendly.


Putty That Turns To Silicone For Reinforcements And DIY Additions

Since Sugru turns from a moldable putty into a durable, tactile silicone that permanently bonds to virtually any surface, you can now effortlessly seal leaky shoes, reinforce broken wires, build your own hooks and handles, and repair objects that never quite worked right to begin with. This DIY must-have is waterproof, heat-resistant, electrically insulating, shock-resistant, and available in multiple colors.


Two Silicone Baking Mats That Don't Require Oil, Spray, Or Parchment

Rather than spraying pans, using parchment paper, or prying their macarons off the tray, thousands of reviewers have switched to these AmazonBasics silicone baking mats instead. They're oven-safe up to 480 degrees and positively will not stick, even without sprays or oils. They even have outlines so you can ensure even placement and uniformity. No wonder buyers are asking, "How did I ever manage without these?"


A Touch-Screen Air Fryer For Crispy Snacks Without The Added Oil

The GoWISE electric air fryer uses only a tablespoon of oil or less to make delicious french fries, crispy chicken nuggets, juicy wings, tender steak, or expertly-cooked salmon. The pre-set programs and adjustable temperature buttons power the rapid air circulation, which ensures quick and even cooking — and the LCD touchscreen is "easy to use with great results," reviewers say.


A Wooden Knife Holder With Built-In Magnets

If you don't have a knife block, or if you regularly utilize tools that don't belong to a set, the Simple Useful knife strip is a brilliant way to keep them accessible, visible, and safe. With a genuine wood exterior and a neodymium magnetic interior, tools of any kind stay mounted along the bar and out of reach for children. Reviewers have used it for kitchen knives, grooming essentials, and hand tools.


A Non-Stick Food-Grade Mat For Rolling Out Dough

Roll out pie crusts and pastries without having to deal with sticky dough — and measure the diameters simultaneously. The Folksy Super pastry mat is made from food-grade silicone and reinforced fiberglass, so not even hardened candy will stick to it. It also has measurements and guidelines printed directly onto the surface, so you can bake with ease and consistency.


Transparent Tub Guards That Prevent Leaks And Water Damage

Position these Tidee Tubb splash guards where your tub meets the wall to minimize leaks and prevent mold and water damage. They're made from a durable but discreet, transparent plastic to block the majority of the water before it can escape your shower curtain — and without drastically impacting the appearance of your bathroom.


A Versatile Drain Plug That Both Stops Water And Catches Hair

Simply press down on the Umbra Flex drain stop when it's time to draw a bath, and the silicone edges will fold over to prevent water from slipping down the drain. Press down again, and the silicone edges will fold up again, allowing water to pass through but catching any stray hairs in the process. You can purchase it in your choice of gray, white, and surf blue.


A Skillet That Allows You To Cook To Five Different Things At Once

Cook a full meal in a single skillet with this Master Pan. Its heavy-gauge metal base fits over one burner and evenly-distributes heat throughout, but the five separated compartments mean that you can cook a main dish and four sides without mixing flavors. It's also non-stick, stain-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and can go straight in the oven.


A Slotted Butter Knife That Creates Easy-To-Spread Ribbons

Unlike a traditional butter knife, the Erlsig Easy-Spread has serrated edges and tiny holes that turn hard butter into easy-to-spread ribbons. It's made from stainless steel and is highly resistant to corrosion, which is one of the many reasons why reviewers call it "easy and effective."


A Pan Specifically For Cheese So You Can Melt It Over Any Dish

Nachos, cheesy broccoli, French onion soup — you'll find countless uses for the Cuisinart melt pan, which melts any type of cheese in minutes. Its handle is long and folds up for easy storage, while the tray is non-stick and comes with a convenient spatula to help the cheese slide right off.


An Oil Mister That Also Works With Butter, Lemon, Vinegar, And More

The Fine Life olive oil sprayer is made with a pressurized clog-resistant sprayer, a leak-proof top, and durable, transparent, and BPA-free plastic — all of which add to the convenience of dressing salads, coating your grilled vegetables, and utilizing air fryers. That said, this kitchen gadget can also spray butter on popcorn, spritz lemon on fish, and add a touch of vinegar to your salads.


A Colorful Aluminum Pot That Comes With A Strainer Lid

Boil and strain in the same pot with this brilliant duo. The Bialetti pasta pot comes in five eye-catching color options, each with a matching slotted lid that locks onto the bottom and doubles as a colander. In addition to its 5-quart capacity and heat-resistant handles, it also has a non-stick interior for easy cleaning.


A Battery-Operated Fabric Defuzzer That Shaves Off Pills And Lint

Use the Conair Fabric Defuzzer to shave pilling off your favorite yoga leggings and lint off your favorite sweaters, but the possibilities don't end there. Reviewers have used this battery-operated tool to revive their blankets, refresh their socks, and help their upholstery look like new. Get it in eight different colors — and there's even a rechargeable model


A Unique, Space-Saving Way To Reorganize Your Utensils Drawer

The Joseph Joseph DrawerStore creates significantly more space in your utensils drawer by stacking your spoons, knives, and forks on top of each other — but still keeps them individually visible and accessible. It's available in gray or white, has a non-slip feature on the bottom, and has reviewers saying, "This worked perfectly for our tiny drawer!"


A Sous Vide Package That Comes With Everything You Need For This Trendy Technique

The best sous vide machines allow you to boost flavor and intensity tenderness like a professional chef, all in the comfort of your own home — and all while automatically cooking your meal in a submerged plastic bag. The Yedi Total Package comes with everything you need including a hand pump, 10 gallon-sized BPA-free bags, four container clips, and an automatic 1000-watt cooker that reviewers call "easy to use" and "the absolute best."


This Memory Foam Wedge Pillow That Reviewers Call "A Life-Saver"

Due to its supportive memory foam core and tapered shape, reviewers utilize the Cushy Form wedge pillow for reading and watching television — but they also say it's been extremely helpful when it comes to sleep apnea, post-op sinus issues, and indigestion troubles. Even though it effectively elevates your torso, it still provides the "perfect amount of firmness, support, and comfort" — plus it has a removable and machine-washable cover.


A Compact Ionic Air Purifier For An Incredible Price

Most reliable air purifiers are upwards of a few hundred dollars, but the hOmeLabs compact air purifier has just as many high ratings despite its $45 price tag. In addition to its three-stage purifying system (which includes a HEPA filter to catch ultra-fine allergen particles), this compact unit also releases negative ions into the air for a refreshing, uplifting space.


A Clear, Classy Makeup Carousel With Adjustable Shelves

Personalize the sanipoe makeup carousel to fit all your essential cosmetics, thanks to its adjustable shelves and 360-degree rotation. Since it's made from transparent acrylic, it's durable, easy to rinse clean, and easy to match with any decor.


Silicone Lids That You Can Stretch Over Produce

Keep already-poured orange juice at optimal freshness overnight. Effortlessly cover your leftovers without having to search for a lid. Store food in the same container you served it in. These Spice 'n Spoon lids are made from stretchy, BPA-free silicone and come in various sizes, so you can use them to cover virtually any bowl, glass, jar, or mug.


Reusable Bags That Are Waterproof And Leak-Proof

Just like disposable sandwich bags, these eco-friendly alternatives are leak-resistant, waterproof, freezer-safe, and easy to zip closed in order to preserve freshness. That said, since they're made from durable PEVA instead, they can also be hand-washed and used up to 500 times each.


An Eco-Friendly, Food-Safe Way To Store Your Leftovers

Those looking to reduce wastefulness say that Bee's Wrap is an "affordable alternative for plastic wrap" — but it's also a brilliant way to keep potentially-harmful chemicals away from your food. These reusable covers are made from cotton, sustainably-harvested beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin, all of which work together to protect, cover, and extend the refrigerator life of your food.


The Number-One Best Seller In Rechargeable Handheld Vacuums

Since the HoLife vacuum is entirely cordless and lives on its charging stand, it's always prepared to tackle impromptu messes anywhere. This tiny handheld is surprisingly strong and versatile, thanks to its three-stage filtration system, multiple accessories, and ability to suck up both wet and dry spills. Currently, it's a number-one best seller because reviewers "cannot say enough good things about this product."

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