32 Things On Amazon That Make It 10x Easier To Have A Clean, Organized House

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by Masha Vapnitchnaia
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Keeping your home neat and tidy could be a full-time job; though, given the option of spending time cleaning or relaxing in your home, few would choose the former. If you have other places you want to dedicate your attention — like a career, family, friends, or hobbies — you probably don't want to spend your precious moments scrubbing away, cleaning out cabinets, and reorganizing closets.

Still, you want to treat your home with care. Tasks like dusting, putting away clutter, and doing the dishes are all necessary parts of your routine, but they can be done a lot faster and more efficiently with these amazing products on Amazon that make it 10 times easier to have a clean, organized home.

Some of these fantastic Amazon finds will save you time by providing smart storage solutions for your jewelry, your delicates, or your handbag collection. Others are so innovative, they actually do jobs for you. On the other hand, many of the products on this list are simply updated versions of traditional cleaning tools that have evolved to be more user-friendly or high-tech.

Coming home to a space that's free of mess and clutter is so reassuring; and with these brilliant storage and cleaning solutions, keeping it that way doesn't have to be a second job. Scroll on to shop them now.


A Set Of Fabric Boxes With Separate Compartments To Keep Underwear And Socks Organized

If you've been struggling to keep your sock and underwear drawers neat, this set of fabric organizers will help you make sense of your big pile of garments. Use each of the dividers to store your bras, socks, tights (or scarves), and briefs. The set of organizers is available in seven colors, like dark gray (pictured), pink, and beige and can be grouped to best fit your individual space.


A Rotating Carousel That Fits Dozens Of Makeup And Beauty Products

This makeup storage carousel will keep your countertops and drawers clutter-free, and your favorite beauty products right within reach. The rotating unit has four main sections as well as four removable shelves, which can be adjusted to different heights to fit products big and small. The top of the carousel has additional trays and individual compartments for smaller items like lipsticks, brushes, and nail polishes.


A Simple Linen Organizer For Small Necessities

Made from a blend of linen and cotton, this storage bag has five pockets to hold mail, notebooks, or any other small items that don't have a designated place. Hang it on a decorative hook or even on the wall in your bathroom — it's a beautiful solution for storing clutter.


A Set Of Vertical Hangers That Save Closet Space

Make more room in your closet with these vertical hangers. Each hanger can hold up to five shirts, skirts, or sweaters in a cascade that frees up rack space. The items stay securely on the hanger, and you can easily pull up the bottom portion to display your clothes horizontally when you're picking out what to wear tomorrow.


A Lightweight Vacuum With 3-in-1 Functionality

This lightweight vacuum cleaner transforms from a standard stick vacuum to a handheld one with the press of a button. Slide it across both floors and upholstery with ease to pick up dust and dirt. There's even a crevice tool attachment to get into corners of rooms, under couch cushions, or along the steams of stairs.


A Clever Trash Can With A Built-In Motion Sensor

This automatic trash can has a motion sensor that will open the lid without you ever having to touch it. It also has a carbon filter that absorbs any lingering odors. The stainless steel surface is rust-proof and easy to wipe clean with a disinfectant wipe, so it's a much more hygienic alternative to most other garbage cans.


A Pan Organizer To Make The Most Out Of Your Cabinet Space

Make the most of your cabinet space with this versatile pan rack that will hold four to five pans (or lids). You can stack it vertically to take advantage of a tall open space, or place it horizontally on a shelf or countertop.


A Genius Storage Solution For Food Container Lids

This organizer neatly stores all of those food container tops and lids that you never quite knew what to do with before. The BPA-free adjustable tray has five dividers to help sort lids by size or shape. "It works like a dream," reported one reviewer.


A Bedside Caddy That Keeps Your Bedtime Essentials Within Reach

This bedside caddy is constructed of super soft felt and has five pockets, with enough room to store a 13-inch laptop, books, your phone, remotes, glasses, and any other items you might want to reach for before turning in for the night. Tuck the caddy's flap under your mattress or a couch cushion to keep in place; it's that simple.


A Rechargeable Power Cleaner With Three Brush Heads

This cordless power brush works with a rechargeable battery to clean almost any surface with minimal effort. The tool comes with three scratch-resistant attachment heads for cleaning glass, tile, stove tops, and bathtubs. Each charge will last through an hour and a half of continuous use.


An Ergonomic Squeegee That Makes Cleaning Shower Doors & Windows A Breeze

This lightweight squeegee has a handle with an ergonomic design, making it easy to wipe down shower stalls, windows, and mirrors. The rubber blade removes soap scum, limescale, and other buildup without leaving behind any streaks. This stainless steel cleaning tool is rust-proof and available in black, bronze, and silver finishes.


A Clever Mop That You Wring Out With A Foot Pedal

This spin mop comes with a bucket that's equipped with a built-in wringer, so you'll never have to get your hands dirty while cleaning up your floors again. To start wringing, just press down on the pedal. The microfiber mop head absorbs dust and grime and reaches into corners and under furniture thanks to its 360-degree rotation.


Silicone Scrubbing Gloves You'll Find So Many Uses For

Protect your hands as you scrub with these cleaning sponge gloves. Made from food-grade silicone, the gloves won't irritate your hands if you have a latex allergy. The built-in sponge texture will help scrub greasy pans, bathroom tiles, and porcelain. You can also use them to wash your car or as oven mitts, since they're heat-resistant, too.


A Set Of Mini Brushes To Keep Reusable Straws Clean

This set of straw brushes includes two sizes to scrub inside glass and metal straws with ease. The durable, nylon bristles will clean out any residue in a snap. You can also use the brushes to get into hard-to-reach crevices on pot lids or handles.


A Long-Lasting Silicone Sponge That Smells Like Peaches

These silicone scrubbers are fast-drying, and made of a non-absorbent material so they won't trap smells or moisture, like traditional sponges tend to do. The scrubbers have a light, peachy scent and can be used with your favorite dish soap to clean pots and pans. They are also dishwasher-safe.


A Set Of Lightweight, Airtight Food Containers In A Variety Of Sizes

This 14-piece set of food containers is made from BPA-free plastic that's stain- and odor-resistant. The leak-proof, airtight containers will keep leftovers fresher for longer, and are light enough to use for packed lunches and on-the-go snacks. The containers are microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe, to boot.


Cascading Hangers That Are Perfect For Hanging Purses

Each of these vertical purse hangers holds at least six handbags while taking up less closet space than other storage solutions. The sturdy hangers come in packs of two and are available in nine finishes, including rose gold and graphite gray.


A Multipurpose Storage Cube With A Cushioned Seat

This fabric stool has a cushioned top and a large storage compartment on the inside. With a weight-bearing load of 400 pounds, the cube can be used as additional seating or a footrest, in addition to providing storage space for board games or throw blankets. The stool is available in six fabrics, all in neutral colors like tweed gray and midnight blue.


A Sleek Kitchen Organizer That Sticks To Your Fridge

This magnetic organizer sticks firmly to metal surfaces, like fridge doors, and provides ample storage space for any kitchen items you like to keep on-hand. Two rods can be used to store things like towels or foil, and two shelves can accommodate jars, bottles of oils, and spices. There are also five removable hooks for spatulas or oven mitts. Overall, the sturdy magnetic organizer can hold up to 30 pounds.


A Pack Of Eraser Sponges For Scuff Marks And Stubborn Grime

Remove scuffs and grime from almost all surfaces with these eraser sponges. Once you wet the melamine foam sponge with water, they'll become a gentle abrasive that rubs away soap scum, grease, and dirt from walls, sinks, and appliances.


A Magnet That Helps You Keep Track Of When To Unload The Dishwasher

This rust-proof dishwasher magnet has a sliding indicator that lets you know whether dishes need to be cleaned or are ready to be put away. Simply affix it onto your dishwasher — that's it.


A Wheeled Cart With Sliding Drawers To Keep All Of Your Supplies Organized

Keep your office, craft, makeup, and all kinds of supplies organized with this rollaway cart. The 10 black drawers slide in and out on metal rails, and the wheels have locking casters to keep the cart in place.


A Slim Shelving Unit That Takes Advantage Of The Space Between Appliances

Make the most out of tight spaces between cabinets and appliances with this sliding storage tower. The rollout tower has three shelves that can be used to store cleaning supplies and laundry detergent, or as additional pantry space.


A Discreet Cabinet For All Of Your Bathroom Storage Needs

This storage cabinet has a slim profile and a sliding drawer that keeps all of its contents — like toilet paper and air freshener — accessible. In addition to the pull-out drawer, the unit has two smaller compartments hidden under the lid.


A Set Of Sliding Drawers To Help Streamline Clutter Under Your Sink

The bins inside of this two-tiered organizer slide in and out with ease, making it easy to reach for items often kept at the very back of your cabinets. There are also two adjustable plastic dividers that have tabs, so you can even opt to label your compartments. Use this system to store anything from hairsprays and towels to canned goods and cleaning supplies.


An Effective Way Dissolve Hair Clogs From Your Pipes

This drain clog dissolver liquifies hair, soap scum, toilet paper, and any other gunky matter clogging your drain. The super thick formula clings to the pipes in your shower and sink drains, and the toilet, clearing clogs in minutes.


An Elegant Jewelry Armoire With A Full-Length Mirror And Plenty Of Storage

This free-standing jewelry cabinet has a full-length mirror on the front and a wealth of storage options for all of your baubles inside. There are 120 earring slots, 90 ring slots, 24 necklace hooks, a scarf rod, and five shelves for other accessories, too. There are also three detachable clear boxes that are the perfect size to store hair brushes, hair ties, or even some makeup products.


A Whisper-Quiet Air Purifier That Doubles As A Night Light

This sleek, compact air purifier is “absolutely silent,” according to one Amazon reviewer, so it won’t interrupt a peaceful night’s sleep or intensive work or studying session; and it’s a equipped with a HEPA filter for incredibly effective air purification. The one-touch design also features a soft blue LED light, which you can dim at night with the touch of a button.


A Handy Storage Solution For Plastic Bags

Store your plastic grocery bags in this sleek bag dispenser for a clutter-free kitchen. The dispenser is easy to install, either on the wall or inside a cabinet, and comes with all the necessary hardware you'll need. Stuff up to 30 bags in the top opening, and pull out one at a time through the front slit.


A Rotating Storage Tray That Keeps Pantry Staples On-Hand

This rotating lazy Susan has a non-skid surface and a rimmed edge to keep items securely in place. Place one inside a kitchen cabinet or pantry to keep sauces, baking goods, or just about anything else organized and within easy reach.


A Set Of Patterned Drawer Liners Infused With Fresh Fragrances

Add a subtle, floral note to your clean laundry with these scented drawer liners. Made with French fragrance oils, the liners are available in four scents, including lavender and rose. The set of six non-adhesive liners can be cut for a snug fit on shelves or in cabinets.


A Cable Organizer Box That Keeps Messy Cords Out Of Sight

This cable management box looks discreet but is big enough to store a six-plug power strip, thus keeping cords out of sight. The box has three large entry slots at the back to keep cables organized and comes in four colors, including black and white.

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