I Finally Organized My Closets & Cabinets Thanks To These 30 Brilliant Products

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

by Julia O'Donnell
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Organizational products for closets and cabinets that will Maximize Your Storage Space

For years, my relationship with “getting organized” was a never-ending cycle of frustration. In a burst of motivation, I’d tear my closet apart and start from scratch, doing enough sorting and color-coding to make Marie Kondo proud. However, things would inevitably start slipping over time, and ultimately, I’d be left with the same tornado-stricken mess as before. I finally broke the cycle when a move forced me to swap my spacious two-bedroom for a tiny shared studio. Ironically, it took cutting my living space in half to get me here, but I finally organized my closets and cabinets for good, all thanks to some truly brilliant organizational products that also helped maximize my storage space.

Feeling skeptical? Trust me, I get it; after all, if your goal is to cut down on clutter, the idea of buying more stuff probably feels counterintuitive. But now that I realize how invaluable these products can be, my only regret is not buying them years ago. After all, getting organized is one thing, but staying organized is another. Even when I had twice as much storage space, I still struggled to stay organized on a day-to-day basis because my setup was simply too difficult to maintain.

Now that I have smart storage solutions for everything from socks to silverware, keeping things organized has become practically effortless. Finding the right tools to get me here has taken a ton of time, energy, and research — but lucky for you, I’ve rounded up some of my best finds in this handy guide, just ahead. Whether you need a home for an ever-expanding shoe collection or a way to keep your hair styling tools from taking over your bathroom counter, you’re sure to discover at least one thing here that makes sense for your space. To see for yourself, just keep reading.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


An Over-The-Door Storage Rack For Your Hair-Styling Tools

Rather than leaving your blow dryer, brushes, and straightener in a tangled mess on your bathroom counter, keep them stored away neatly with this sturdy hair tool rack. Designed to hold hair tools of various shapes and sizes, it can be easily installed over any door up to 1.38 inches thick. It's made of durable, heat-resistant metal, with padded brackets to prevent scratches on your cabinet door.


An Easy Way To Fit More Hangers In Your Closet

Make the most out of your vertical storage space with this hanging closet rod. It attaches to your existing closet rod, doubling the amount of space from which you have to hang things. The new rod's height and width can be adjusted, which ensures it'll work well with your existing closet setup.


An Easy Way To Fit More Hangers Anywhere

Install this unique hanger rack anywhere on the wall, and you'll instantly have six extra spaces to hang garments. It's great in the closet, in the foyer for coats, or in the laundry room to hang delicates and other clean clothes. Made of easy-to-clean hard plastic, it's quick and easy to install using the included hardware.


A Wire Storage Rack That Hangs From A Wall Or Over A Door

Use this spacious wire rack to create more storage wherever you need it, like in your pantry, bathroom, laundry room, or office. It's super sturdy and easy to install, either by hanging it over a door or using the included hardware to mount it to the wall. Plus, the height of its shelves, baskets, and trays can be adjusted, making it easy to accommodate various items of different sizes.


A Rotating Makeup Organizer With Adjustable Shelves

Cosmetics are notoriously tricky to keep organized — unless you have this deluxe makeup organizer, that is. Made of durable, easy-to-clean plastic, the organizer can rotate a full 360 degrees, making it easy to view and access your entire collection at once. The height of the eight shelves at the sides can be adjusted to accommodate pencils, brushes, and other items of varying shapes and sizes, and a partitioned tray at the top is perfect for keeping smaller items organized as well.


These Clear Shelf Dividers To Keep Your Closet Tidy

It's easy to let piles of clothes spill into each other on your closet shelf, especially when you're sorting through them regularly while putting together outfits. Thanks to these clear acrylic shelf dividers, you won't have to worry about that anymore. They can be slid around a shelf of your choice to create barriers that'll prevent your things from getting cluttered.


A Simple, But Genius Organizer For Your Food Storage Container Lids

If keeping the lids to your food storage containers organized feels like a constant uphill battle, it's time to get this genius lid organizer. The simple design consists of a sturdy bamboo tray, with six dividers that — this part is key — can be adjusted to fit lids of various shapes and sizes. Buying something specific for this purpose might seem excessive, but once you have yours set up, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.


A Sturdy Organization System That Makes The Most Of Your Closet Space

Not only will this sturdy closet organizer create a ton of extra storage, but it's a great way to divide your closet into smaller sections and make better use of vertical space. Featuring five deep, height-customizable shelves, the tower comes with three closet rods that can be adjusted to fit the size of your closet. The tower is available in your choice of five wood finishes: white, espresso, dark brown and two shades of gray.


These Sturdy Metal Dividers To Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Less Messy

Use one or more of these dividers to create smaller sections within a larger cabinet. This saves space by allowing you to store items like baking sheets and cutting boards vertically, and also makes them easier to view, access, and put away. Designed to secure to your cabinet using screws, the metal dividers are sold individually, which means you can easily create sections of any size you'd like.


A Pink Acrylic Organizer For Jewelry & Cosmetics

Whether you're counting on it to get your makeup or jewelry collection under control, this stylish organizer is sure to get the job done. Made of transparent acrylic that's super durable and easy to clean, it has two large, two medium, and small drawers. There's also a removable tray at the top, which comprises 16 compartments of various sizes to keep smaller items organized.


These Over-The-Door Racks To Hang Purses, Hats, & More

Install these hanging racks over your door, and you'll instantly create a wealth of space to hang purses, belts, scarves, hats, and more. Sold in a set of two, each rack consists of a durable polyester cord that can stretch to fit any door height, with six stainless steel hooks to hang your items from. Despite taking up next to no space, the racks can hold a surprising amount of stuff, since the hooks can hold multiple items at once.


A Set Of Organizers To Tackle Your Sock & Underwear Drawer

Sold in a four-piece set, these sturdy drawer organizers make it easy to keep socks, underwear, swimwear, and other small garments neatly organized in your drawers. Made of a durable, moisture-proof fabric, each of the four pieces has compartments of a different size, and can easily be folded flat for storage when not in use. Choose from black or white.


These Shelves That Double The Space On Your Counters & Cabinets

Use this mini shelf to double your existing storage space for small items on shelves and inside cabinets. It's made of sturdy steel covered in a rust-resistant white coating, and the ways it can come in handy never seem to end: Use it for dishes in a kitchen cabinet, food in the refrigerator, spices in the pantry, toiletries in the bathroom ... you get the idea.


A Stainless Steel Bag Dispenser That's Super Easy To Install

Rather than tossing plastic bags in the trash after you're done with them, put them in this sleek stainless steel bag dispenser instead. Not only is it super convenient to have them where you need them — inside a kitchen cabinet, perhaps, or by the door you leave from to walk the dog — but making the bags visible and easily accessible also means you're more likely to actually re-use them.


A Sturdy Steel Shelf Divider For Sweaters, Linens, Towels, & More

While it looks chic and stylish, this steel shelf divider is actually surprisingly heavy-duty. It's designed to clip directly onto an existing shelf, creating two walls in the center, resulting in three separated sections. "I was impressed with the weight and quality of these shelf dividers," one reviewer reported. "When sliding the grip in the shelf they slid on easily, but made an extremely firm connection that was very tight."


An Efficient Way To Organize Your Tea Collection

If your tea cabinet resembles a Wild West-style wasteland of long-forgotten tea boxes and bags, this nifty organizer caddy is here to help. Not only is it an efficient way to store multiple tea bags at a time, but the slide-out bins make it super easy to find what you're looking for and keep tabs on what you have.


A Must-Have Rack For Shoe Obsessives

Save space in your foyer or closet with this nifty shoe rack, which can hold up to 36 pairs of shoes without using a single square inch of floor space. Designed to hang over your door, the rack has durable white resin sides and 72 slip-proof bars made of coated stainless steel. Plus, installation couldn't be easier, since it doesn't require any additional tools or hardware.


An In-Drawer Knife Block To Help Cut Back On Counter Clutter

Rather than sitting on your kitchen countertop, this bamboo knife block allows you to safely and neatly store your kitchen knives in a drawer. Made of naturally antibacterial, eco-friendly bamboo, it can hold 10 to 15 knives at a time.


These Ingenious Hangers That Make Use Of Wasted Space In Your Closet

A truly effective way to maximize your closet space, these ingenious hangers allow you to vertically hang up to five items at once, without taking up any extra space on your closet rod. Using the vertical space in your closet this way can literally triple its capacity, and the hangers' five-tier cascading design can also help you organize pieces by color, style, outfit, or season.


A Skid-Proof Lazy Susan With So Many Uses

There are so many ways this Lazy Susan-style turntable can come in handy: use it in a cabinet for spices, oils, or tea, on your desk for office essentials, or near your vanity to hold makeup and skin care products. The two round shelves are covered in a textured, skid-proof surface, which keeps small items from tipping over or falling.


A Durable Drawer Organizer Made Of Fabric-Covered Wood

Another simple-yet-effective drawer organizer, this one has three compartments that are perfectly sized for small to mid-sized items like jewelry, makeup, office supplies, underwear, socks, and more. Its hard frame is covered in woven brown fabric, creating a softer look and feel without sacrificing durability.


A Bamboo Charging Dock That Comes With 5 Cables

If you have a USB charger with four, five, or six ports, you can add it to this bamboo charging station. The dock comes with five short cables for various electronics, and the it provides space for gadgets such as smart phones, smart watches, earbuds, gaming controllers, and more.


A Hassle-Free Way To Make More Space For Your Shoe Collection

No matter where you put these nifty shoe holders — on a shelf, the floor, or even an existing shoe rack — they'll literally double your current storage space, while also making it easier to view your collection. Made of durable hard plastic, they're sold in a set of 10 units, which can hold one pair of shoes each.


A Clear Nail Polish Organizer With Tiers So You Can See Every Color

Do you have all of your nail polishes bunched together in a makeup bag? If so, empty them out and put them on display in this clear organizer. Since it's tiered, you can see every color that you add to the platforms. You can also use it for things like makeup and toiletries.


These Slip-Proof Hangers That Can Hold A Dozen Tanks, Dresses, Or Bras At Once

Sick of strappy dresses and tops slipping off their hangers and onto your closet floor? Then you'll love these ingenious tank top hangers. Sold in a pack of three, the durable, powder-coated steel hangers will not only keep your clothes off the floor, but will also save you closet space, since each one can hold up to eight tank tops (or bras, or dresses) at once.


A Space-Saving Rack To Hang Your Mugs From Under A Cabinet

This sliding rack holds up to eight mugs or tea cups (or utensils, or oven mitts, et cetera) at once, without using a single square inch of your existing cabinet space. It's super easy to mount to the underside of any cabinet, and even slides in and out for easier access.


An Ingenious Sliding Shelf To Utilize Even The Smallest Amount Of Space

This slide-out shelf quite literally creates extra storage out of thin air by utilizing the wasted sliver of space between your fridge and your stove (or your washer and your dryer, or a cabinet and a shelf). Four wheels with casters ensure the shelf glides in and out effortlessly, while the hard plastic construction means it's durable and easy to clean.


A Smartly Designed Cutlery Organizer To Maximize Your Drawer Space

Save drawer space with this compact, smartly designed cutlery organizer. Featuring four stacked compartments for forks, knives, spoons, and measuring tools, the innovative design holds between six to eight sets of dinnerware, but only uses half the space of a standard cutlery organizer. Made of durable, easy-to-clean polypropylene with slip-resistant feet, it'll fit in any drawer that's at least 3.25 inches tall.


A Sturdy Canvas Organizer That Creates Extra Shelves In Your Closet

If you're looking to add shelf space to your closet, but don't want to commit to a pricier, more permanent option like the one listed earlier, this hanging closet organizer will be perfect for you. Made of thick, durable fabric, it's designed to hang from any standard closet rod, and has five roomy compartments with three mesh pockets at each side.


A Slide-Out Organizer For Your Pots & Pans

Utilize of every last square inch of storage — even that space all the way in the back — with this sliding cabinet rack. Made of durable metal, it's designed to hold pots and pans of various sizes to help cut down on clutter in your kitchen cabinets, and is super easy to install (it's worth noting, though, that you will need a screwdriver).

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