15 Beautiful Candles For Gifts That Look Just As Good As They Smell


It's apparent that buying beautiful candles for gifts will be a trend this holiday season. The world has embraced the sophisticated air that luxury candles bring to a space — the gentle glow of a lit candle, and the beautiful glass candle tumblers used forever after it's empty. Though it may seem daunting to figure out which candles smell the best to you (and more importantly, the person you're buying for) out of the thousands of options available on the Internet, there are cult candle brands you can shop online that promise to look and smell gorgeous.

It's said over and over, but the amazing diptyque candle smells are only rivaled by the chic glass tumblers the candles live in. The glasses helped to kick off the movement of repurposing luxury candle jars, and diptyque's perfumes need to be smelled to be believed — they're truly that good. For the friend that already keeps all their knick-knacks in empty diptyque glasses, gift them the Indoor And Outdoor Feu De Bois Candle from the sought-after French candlemakers. Only 1,500 of the $495 gold enameled Feu de Bois candles — which translates to "wood fire" in English — were made.

A BYREDO candle's aesthetic is the binary opposite of a diptyque. Whereas the standard diptyque jar is white and decorated with ornate letting, the BYREDO tumbler is black with a minimalist font detailing the brand's name and the candle's scent. But the brands still share similarly luxe scent design: Bibliothèque, one of BYREDO's bestselling candles, is a mix of fruits florals with an intriguing base of leather, patchouli, and vanilla. Pick up a 240 gram BYREDO Bibliothèque candle for $85, or spring for the La Sélection Violette gift set for $120, which includes 70 gram versions of the Bibliothèque candle, the Burning Rose scent, and the flowery Fleur Fantôme.

If you're looking for an option that's completely disguised as a decoration, CB2's Bianco Marble Candle for $49.95 hides the candle so well, no one will guess its function until you take the lid off and release its earthy, woody scent. Plus, it makes the perfect gift if you're looking to give back for the holidays, too — it was made in collaboration with Bright Endeavors, an organization which provides a paid job training program for new moms to create employment opportunities.

There's also, of course, a candle to give your friends who have timeless, classic style. Joya's hand-poured candle comes in the prettiest white jar with a logo so beautiful, it's nearly impossible to tell it's even a logo — it simply looks like an elegant hand-painted design. But the outside isn't the only part your gift recipient will love: The gold interior of the porcelain container melts and drips as the candle burns, a detail which surely won't go unappreciated.

It's nearly impossible to go wrong with a candle as a gift, but take it one step further this year with a beautiful candle that'll make your gift recipient's home look just as good as it smells. Ahead, 15 options so pretty, you'll have a hard time not buying them all.