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Woven Texture Makes Even The Most Robust Handbags Feel So Relaxed


Hanna Lassen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Guest at Bottega Veneta 2019 show with leather woven bag
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Hands-down, the best part of spring and summer for me is the generally chilled out vibe during those six months of the year. The moment temperatures take a turn for the patio-friendly, it’s like the entire hemisphere lets out a little sigh of relief and stops sweating the small stuff. The relaxed attitude also extends to wardrobes as comfier silhouettes and fabrics become a universal uniform for many. And if work requires you to keep things buttoned-up? There are still plenty of ways to channel an easy-breezy energy. Consider carrying more woven bags: In particular, a leather style with a patch of weaving or some lacing around the edges works for all environments. The look is just as fun as something made with beachy straw and raffia, but is still refined enough for a professional setting.

Personally, I’m on the hunt for some streamlined, sophisticated leather bags with a bit of weaving for more “serious” occasions. Then, I’ll swap out my existing “fun” bags for brightly colored totes and tiny purses perfect for pairing with, say, a frozen, Tajín-rimmed mango margarita served poolside — not to get too specific or anything.

Check out the best woven bags — with options for every occasion — currently topping my shopping list below.

Tropicalia Micro Bag
Small, sweet, and just big enough for the poolside essentials — like a serious SPF — Marni’s tiny Tropicalia tote is keeping the micro-bag trend alive through the summer. Available in all kinds of summery shades, the solid leather trim just helps emphasize the classic weave through the center.