Cord Necklaces Are The Pick-Me-Up Your Winter Wardrobe Needs

Instant gratification.

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otiumberg winter cord necklaces
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Cord necklaces have always felt inherently right for warm weather. Maybe it’s the easy, no-frills fabric thong instead of a chain, or the crafty-cool charm at the end (especially if it’s a cowrie shell or chunky slice of pottery) but the easygoing sum of its parts feels like something you might throw on with a string bikini or rumpled linen shirt without thinking twice. And couldn’t we all use a little bit of that devil-may-care energy as we find ourselves here? In the dead of a dark and cold winter?

Some of fashion’s most coveted labels and jewelry designers certainly think so. Their latest takes on the laidback style feel well-suited to January’s deep chill without skimping on the carefree spirit that makes the look so special. London-based brand Otiumberg is offering up sleek creations adorned with artful metal knots, while indie go-to Brooke Callahan is a prime source for rounded floral shapes that pay homage to the cord necklace’s ties to ‘90s teen culture. And for those in search of something outside the box, Alighieri has a surprising elegant fish medallion affixed to a long red loop of thread — just the thing to make that cashmere crewneck you’ve worn five days in a row more interesting.

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