What should I wear underneath my cap and gown?

by The Zoe Report

I’m all set to graduate this weekend, but I’m not sure what to wear underneath my cap and gown…which let me say is less than fashionable! Any suggestions? Thank you! –Amanda L. via e-mail

Location: Houston, TX


I must start by saying congrats—your accomplishment in itself is extremely chic! Regarding your cap and gown, not to worry, even though they may be a little on the snoozy side (mine was too!), you can make up for it with your chosen apparel!I would definitely suggest wearing a dress on your special day. I think it is hands-down the most fabulous route to take. Here are a few styles I think will work best:

  1. Neutral – A nude frock is a sophisticated choice, considering neural tones are on-trend this season. Go with something a little more casual—yet still flattering—like Banana Republic’s Silk Blend Strapless Dress. It is playful and totally afternoon appropriate! On the footwear front, I say pick a nude pump to match…there is nothing more chic than a totally monochromatic ensemble.
  2. Print – Prints are huge for spring! Right now, I am loving feminine prints—Parker’s Cami Dress has just the right amount of flirt!—and abstract tribal patterns, like Givenchy’s spring runway! I say, if you are brave enough to rock a funky print—French Connection’s One Shoulder Dress is ba-na-as!—go for it! There’s no better way to stand out in a crowd. Pair your printed dress of choice with a tan wedge to up the wow factor!
  3. Bright Solid – Lastly, if a print is too bold, and a neutral just isn’t your thing…opt for something that’s one hue, yet still eye-catching! My favorite colors as of late? Yellow, orange and turquoise! Rebecca Taylor’s Pin Dot Runway Dress is a great tangerine-toned pick, as is this sunshine-colored mini! After all, it is spring…the season to sport color! For this outfit, a strappy sandal will work well. Oh, and as always…don’t forget to excessorize!

Again, congrats!….and enjoy your day! xoRZ