What are the essential items in your bag?

by The Zoe Report

Dear RZ,

As a huge fan of you and your personal style, I have always wondered not only about your clothes, but what items you carry in your purse too! What are the essential items in your bag?


Melissa B.

Submitted via: e-mail

Location: Austin, TX


Thank you for your question! It is true what they say—the contents of a woman’s purse tells you all you need to know about her personality. True to my Virgo nature, I keep mine nicely organized and packed with every away-from-home essential imaginable. Read on to discover what they are and don’t forget to toss them in your bag next time you head out the door. You will be chicly ready for anything at all times! xoRZ

1. Louis Vuitton Wallet — We all focus so much on finding a perfect handbag, why not show the same attention to our wallets? This Louis Vuitton wallet adequately fits coins, cards and ID—and doubles as a clutch when necessary!

2. Cartier Ballpoint Pen — I used to have a problem with losing pens, until someone gifted me this beautiful writing utensil from Cartier. Makes handwriting cool again!

3. Do Not Disturb Signs — Sunglasses are obviously a characteristic and crucial part of my day to day life. I keep at least one pair, preferably two, in my purse at all times.

4. Nars’ The Multiple — I don’t like to carry an entire makeup bag with me, so I mindfully downsize to a few multitasking products, like NARS’ The Multiple. True to its name, this dewy beauty wonder is a blush, lipstick, and eye shadow all in one!

5. Byron Williams Illuminating Shine Spray — This pocket-size mist is perfect for on-the-go. Spray it on wherever you are for some glamorously glossy, some frizz-free tousles.

6. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage — I have tried and tested countless concealers, but have only put my seal of approval on a few. Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage is one of them! Kiss dark circles and any other imperfections goodbye with this two-shade system…literally a lifesaver.

7. The All Nighter Hair Powder — I never leave the house without this pocket-sized life-saver…sprinkle it on your roots whenever and wherever you are for some instant hair revival.

8. NARS Perfect Powder Sheets — Carry these amazing sheets with you and save yourself some shine at a minute’s notice.