Design Experts Share What To Look For In A Weekender Bag

Happy traveling.

Best weekender bags
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There are two types of weekend travelers: those who insist on bringing virtually their whole wardrobe in an XL suitcase, and those who have packing light down to a science. Should you be in the latter group (or are on a mission to change your ways), you’ve probably owned your fair share of weekender bags over the years. And it’s no wonder why. Whether you’re driving to the shore or taking the train to another city, the roomy silhouette comfortably houses everything you need for the journey.

Luigi Auricchio, Away’s VP of design, echoes this sentiment. “They strike the perfect balance between function and style, offering enough space for all the essentials while being easy to carry,” he tells TZR, also noting that they’re a smart option when you’re bringing a large personal item (like, for instance, a laptop or tablet) on a long trip in addition to a checked bag.

As for shopping for a new style, there are a few characteristics to look out for, according to BÉIS SVP of Brand and Creative Liz Money. First, she says a separate bottom compartment where you can fit shoes, a hair dryer, etc., is key to a foolproof weekender. “We also love a multi-purpose bag with features like a padded laptop sleeve, a convenient trolley pass-through to secure onto a suitcase, and multiple strap options; these really set a good Weekender apart from the rest,” the expert notes.

Let’s not forget about fabrics, either. “Durable, water-resistant, and lightly padded materials like a high-performance nylon, canvas, or alternative leathers are excellent choices,” says Auricchio, adding these styles look great while simultaneously protecting your belongings.

Without further ado, scroll ahead to see 35 of the best weekender bags on the market. Bon voyage!

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