How To Wear Tights Like A Street-Style Star

When it’s freezing, tights are always a steady option. But if you rarely step outside of your opaque-black comfort zone, you’re missing a prime opportunity to up your cool quotient. To help you do it well (see: avoid channeling a Halloween-costume vibe), we’ve compiled seven essential hosiery styling tips, for everything from sheer to fishnet to embellishments. Here, your guide to pulling off the cold-weather staple most people are too afraid to try.

The Rules For Wearing Tights

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1. Swap Black For An Unexpected Color

Opaque black tights are a staple in every woman's closet, but keep at least one other color on hand—even navy or cocoa can transform an ensemble.

2. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Fishnets aren't just for Halloween. Make sure to keep the rest of yourself covered to avoid Moulin Rouge references.

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3. Go Disco For Daytime!

A shimmery lurex vibe is an obvious choice for a big night out, but sparkle also plays well with daytime staples like an A-line denim skirt, frilly blouse and ankle boots.

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4. Yes, Wear Them With Sandals

Extend the shelf life of your favorite warm-weather shoes by pairing them with sandal-toe tights (look for styles without the unsightly toe cap). Keep the colors monochromatic for the legs-for-miles effect.

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5. Dress Up Your Sporty Kicks

Fashion sneakers have an innately casual vibe, whereas tights conjure images of cocktail attire. Mixing the two is a perfect marriage of comfort and polish.

6. Rock Tough Boots With Delicate Sheers

Swap opaques for an on-trend sheer style to add a little edge.

7. Balance Pretty Embellishments With Tomboy Shoes

If you want to test the waters of embellishments but worry the look will veer over the top, pair them with men's-style shoes. Posh loafers play nice with jeweled, crocheted and patterned tights.