Going On A Virtual Or Distanced V-Day Date? Here's What Experts Say To Wear

Expert-approved outfit ideas for a Valentine's Day like no other.

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Just like New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day is one of those pressure-fueled holidays that everyone loves to hate. It begins innocently enough as kids exchanging grams in class but usually unravels into an utter distaste for the commercialization of romance. However, after a period of time spurning February 14, you probably come around to semi-enjoying the holiday and using it as an excuse to put together a cute Valentine's Day outfit and eat a special meal with your significant other, friends, or a potential new beau. If you fall into the latter camp and are going on a virtual or socially distanced V-Day date, first off — good for you. Dating during the pandemic is extremely challenging, so making the best of an otherwise tough situation is something worthy of recognition. But what to wear?!

Enter Greta Tufvesson and Nikki Lewis. The two are co-founders of The Bevy, a bespoke matchmaking service based in New York City. Together, the experienced duo offered TZR advice on approaching Valentine's Day style from a pandemic perspective. Whether you're hopping on a Zoom call with a prospective partner you met on Bumble or are meeting up for a wintry distanced picnic outside (godspeed), the outfit tips below will undoubtedly set you up for success.

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Valentine's Day Outfit Advice: Confidence Reigns Supreme

You no doubt already know by now that confidence is the secret to any successful outfit (or anything in life, really). If you feel great — it'll show. "The key, always, is to feel confident," Tufvesson says. "If you feel sexiest in a tie-dye sweat set or a tee shirt and jeans, rock it. It’s unnecessary to wear anything too fancy or formal virtually."

Valentine's Day Outfit Advice: Eyes Up Top

"If you are going to focus on anything it should be what you wear on top," Lewis explains. After a year of working from home and attending meetings via Zoom, you probably have quasi-mastered the art of half-dressing. Start with your hair and makeup (if you wear it), then reach for pandemic-era staples like statement earrings and a pretty top or dress.

Valentine's Day Outfit Advice: Maybe Skip The Super High Heels

"For us to tell you that putting on your five-inch stilettos is a must would be silly," Tufvesson says. While a comfortable pair of heels for a distanced date (or even a Zoom) is perfectly acceptable, don't feel pressure to slip into any footwear you wouldn't otherwise wear. If you're feeling a playful dress and sneakers, by all means, follow your gut.

Valentine's Day Outfit Advice: Keep It Balanced

For some, one of the more challenging aspects of assembling a first-date outfit is determining how sensual you want to feel. If you don't typically reach for curve-hugging pieces or low necklines, it isn't necessary to go that direction. Alternatively, if that's your aesthetic, it's best to stay true to yourself. If you're still left unsure of what to wear, simply go for a balanced approach. "It will probably feel special enough wearing a pair of heels and a dress. Just don’t overdo it with 'too much'," Lewis advises. "Pick either a plunging neckline or show your curves with something tight." At the end of the day, everyone's sexuality is nuanced and the way that manifests in personal style is just that — personal and unique to you.

Valentine's Day Outfit Advice: Outerwear Matters

Leave it to the pandemic to force many of you to resort to frigid outdoor distanced Valentine's Day dates. If you're braving the cold, your outerwear is not only important — it's necessary. "Socially distanced dating is tricky, especially since we are keeping most things outside," Tufvesson says. "Invest in a cozy camel or black coat that flatters your figure and some cute boots. Leave the puffer at home for an elevated date look."

Valentine's Day Outfit Advice: Give Yourself Prep Time And Practice Self-Love

As difficult as it is to treat this Valentine's Day like it's normal (because it is definitely not), try and lean into the prep to make the experience still feel special. If you're doing a Zoom date, "make sure you have a pleasant backdrop that looks neat and has great lighting," Lewis says. If you're meeting up IRL, Lewis emphasizes the importance of feeling comfortable in your own skin. "You won’t feel sensual or confident in anything if you don’t start within. It’s easy to be hard on yourself — it’s not an easy time to hit the gym or the salon, and that is OK! Don’t beat yourself up about things that aren’t in your control and focus on what is," she says. "Play dress-up in your closet and get excited about wearing something other than sweats. That’s really the best you can do this V-Day."

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