How The Founders Of Veronica Beard Upgrade Classic Wardrobe Pieces

You’ll want to hear their tips.

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Veronica Beard
Veronica Beard
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Trends are a good thing — chunky loafers, cut-out tops, and itty bitty mini skirts keep your outfits feeling fresh. But no matter if you define your style as minimal or over the top, the classic pieces — a crisp blazer, white tee, and casual denim — will always be a crucial component of your wardrobe. And, there’s no brand that better advocates for this than Veronica Beard. With the drop of its latest Cult Classics collection, the New York-based brand has some expert advice on how to modernize these closet essentials.

Launched back in 2009 by sisters-in-law Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard (aka, “the Veronicas”), the label is beloved for its stylish, yet classic garments and footwear. When it came to designing its newest collection (and every collection, for that matter), the duo’s philosophy is straightforward: Craft a dream wardrobe that works in real life. “It needs to look great without sacrificing function because [the wearer] is busy and on the go,” Swanson Beard tells TZR. “We want her to feel great getting coffee, dropping her kids off at school, and catching a cab, all on her way into the office.” Because the brand’s customers live busy, multi-faceted lives, the founders realize their collections need to fit that. “That’s what we built the brand on, super versatile pieces that make you feel great — your armor at the moment — but that stand the test of time.”

Below, find the classic wardrobe items that the two founders love, as well as a few tips on how to make them feel modern.

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The Wardrobe Classics

The Cult Classics collection was built with the intention of offering customers all the foundational pieces needed, which Miele Beard says includes a blazer, tailored pants, and a button-down shirt. Adding to that, Swanson Beard notes, “These are our trusted go-to's that you can mix and match with a few fashion pieces. Cult Classics was designed for the doers and makers, movers, and shakers of the world.”

If there’s one classic item the “Veronicas” strongly believe in from their line, it’s undoubtedly the label’s iconic Dickey Jacket (a tailored blazer that comes in black and navy). “It’s the signature Veronica Beard item and what put our brand on the map,” Miele Beard explains.

On top of the Dickey, the Miller Jacket is a favorite of Swanson Beard’s because of its large statement buttons and sharp lines. “It’s quite tailored so [I] pair it with a chunky fisherman’s dickey for a more undone look or with flared jeans for a ‘70s businesswoman vibe,” she explains. “The fit of that jacket is insane; we don’t talk about fit enough, but it is why our customer comes back over and over.”

How To Keep Basics Feeling Fresh

“I love this collection because you can play up the masculine or feminine depending on your mood, they are that versatile,” Swanson Beard says. “Some days I want a true version of the classic schoolboy look, [like] a blazer, collared shirt, tailored pants, and loafers.” Other days, the co-founder will throw one of the label’s jackets over a mini dress with heels. “The [Dickey] jacket is the MVP piece each season because it fits every mood and lifestyle.”

According to Miele Beard, the key to making these staples carry through season after season is accessorizing. “Add a belt over your blazer to accentuate your waist or an insane pair of heels,” she suggests. “Jewelry is also so much fun to layer on top of a more classic palette to change the mood and inject your personality.” If you’re going the jewelry route, turn your attention to some of the prominent styles from the Spring/Summer 2022 runways for guidance. For instance, you can add a subtle splash of color to a white tee and jeans combination via a beaded bracelet, or perhaps a floral statement earring. Fortunately, Veronica Beard has both of these buzzy styles stocked right now.

Speaking of trends, there are a few of-the-moment styles that the sisters-in-law are currently loving. At the top of Miele Beard’s list are bell-bottom pant silhouettes. “Our Sheridan Corduroy Bell-Bottom Pant is a favorite [of mine]!” As for Swanson Beard, the co-founder can’t get enough of denim on denim. “I’ll wear high-rise Veronica Beard jeans like the Ryleigh with our Soli Neck Tie Denim Blouse and a sharp blazer,” she says. “This has always been such a classic Veronica Beard look, but I’m seeing denim on denim everywhere right now.”

Now that you’ve brushed up on these expert tips, you’ll be able to master mixing your classics with more trendy pieces.

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